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11-03-2005, 06:33 PM
Do you guys buy strings from somewhere say t-w and bring it to the stringer, or do you just buy strings at the stringer? I was wondering because I wouldn't know if the stringers' price for strings is as cheap as on the net or if they offer a combo deal with stringing that may be even cheaper than buying the strings and bringing them to the stringer on your own. (What's bad is that I may not even get to string them at somewhere like ************ as my rides don't like driving down to la in traffic)
Also, can anyone explain to me grips and the like?
Like say my Prince TT Warrior OS; it comes with Prince Duratac, so I'm guessing they threw in a free overgrip, right? Then underneath that should be the bare grip.
Where can I get the popular leather grips such as RPNY or Fairway?

11-03-2005, 06:38 PM
google for RPNY and it'll be the 3rd choice

google for fairway grip and it'll be the first choice

i would recommend buying strings on TW. stringers always charge higher price for strings (if they're shop stringers)

if they're private stringers, like me, i charge string price (from TW) + labor price only.

but at sportsmart or other places they string for like 20 dollars for a synthetic gut that costs 4 bucks on TW so their labor charge is 16 dollars. And i bet i string better than them too.

i recommend buying a stringing machine (even a cheap 135 dollar dropweight will do) for stringing your own racquets if you're serious about tennis.