View Full Version : strings for ki5 pse

11-16-2005, 02:20 AM
hi fellas, my 1st post here. :)
am currently using a ki5 pse and i love it for its stability... however, i feel that the racquet is kinda "muted" (might be the kinetic technology at work), which makes it difficult to do "finesse" shots (e.g drop shots) during a match coz i can't really feel the ball on my strings. at present, i'm using pacific polyforce strung at 60 lbs....

so my question is: is it possible to increase the 'feel' by changing to softer strings? or is the lack of feel simply a tradeoff for the stability and shock-free hits that i'm getting now?

p.s:if it helps, i'm an all-courter but prefer to stay baseline unless i wanna change the tempo a bit.