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05-29-2004, 02:56 PM
Is there a machine out there comparable to the babolat RDC?

Gaines Hillix
06-01-2004, 03:29 PM
Alpha also makes a racquet analysis machine called an Accuswing. If you are interested, You can find it on their website, www.alphatennis.com, in the tools section .

06-03-2004, 05:12 AM
I have the old Babolat RA test... for flex and string tension... balance.. some other things... I noticed Gamma bought the rights to it (was Alpha that had the rights) and just rereleased it with some minor changes. This machine actually does a good job... looks really old but works well. They are selling them for $799, I think? If a guy had that and something to test swing weight... a guy would be set..


06-03-2004, 05:25 AM
From the USRSA:

Product Review
Alpha AccuSwing
(Published May 1998)

Until 1993, Rossignol's Swingtest was the only device available for measuring swingweight. Unfortunately, stringers and shop owners weren't quite ready to spend $750 for a one-function apparatus and the Swingtest's popularity eventually died. Babolat's Racquet Diagnostic Center (RDC), introduced in 1993, came equipped with an inertia, or swingweight, measurement which contributed to its popularity. Since the departure of Rossignol's Swingtest, the RDC has been the only device available for measuring swingweight. Enter Alpha Sports, who has been steadily increasing their selection of quality racquet service tools, including the RAB Grommet Grinder/Fittex grommets, Viper Balance Beam, and Beer's ERT 700 tension tester.

Similar to Rossignol's Swingtest, the Alpha AccuSwing is priced at $750 but includes a scale for measuring racquet weight. Similar to the RDC, the swingweight measurement is an average of three passes, instead of just the one pass performed by the Rossignol machine. This is a more accurate system of measuring dynamic swingweight because it reduces the effect of inconsistent racquet release by the user(s).

Racquets measured on the AccuSwing were typically within 2-5 units of the RDC's numbers.* Repeat measurements provided the same results. Also, the AccuSwing can be adjusted up or down but a calibration standard isn't provided. The scale is easy to use and measures in 1 gram increments. It does require relocating the platform from a resting position to its "working" position, directly in front of the swingweight cradle. However, this is only a minor inconvenience. Both functions have LED readouts and automatically retain their readings (after 5 seconds on the scale) until cleared by the next racquet.

We found the AccuSwing easy to use, consistent and reliable. It presents professionally and is ideal for stringers seeking only a swingweight device (with scale). Contact Alpha Sports at 800-922-9024.

*Note: As the chart shows, the AccuSwing registered slightly lower swingweight units than the RDC with lighter swingweight racquets, close to the RDC with medium swingweight racquets and measured lower than the RDC on heavier swingweight racquets. We don't know the reason for this mystery but are still checking with Alpha, Babolat, and our technical advisors.