View Full Version : What is your strength?

12-07-2005, 05:17 AM
Vote away.

12-07-2005, 09:15 PM
I voted! heehee

12-07-2005, 10:43 PM
if mental wasnt a problem....i'd be a MUCH better player

12-08-2005, 05:05 AM
i agree with you snoflewis. mental iss tough :)

12-08-2005, 05:08 AM
i agree with you snoflewis. mental iss tough :)
mental is tough now go to my thead its called sperma feds and crumble

12-08-2005, 10:49 PM
i like my back hand i think it has a nice style and i can hit it well
my mental is so badd its not funny
all my storkes are pretty good but i got kinda ******** volleys
i need to work on them

12-08-2005, 11:34 PM
Skill, I can hit a lot of different shots with accuracy. I have a whole list of shots in my arsenal. I can control every aspect of the ball on medium paced shots.

I have no problems with Mental or Athleticism, but skill is what seperates me from my peers :p.

12-08-2005, 11:39 PM
Are you a division-1 school player?

12-09-2005, 02:04 AM
Are you a division-1 school player?
if your talking to me
yes i play divison one ladies
sometimes state league

12-09-2005, 06:25 AM
My top skill lies with my athleticism. This comes from my various sports filled childhood.

The other two are finally just now catching up to my overall game.