View Full Version : Next Legend? The Third One

12-11-2005, 08:09 PM
This is just for fun. No pressure to the nominated hall of famers of TW (to post more, of course!).

Now we have two legends
Marius Hincu 7422 posts (12.11.2005)
BreakPoint. 5219

And here are the contenders for the 3rd spot.
Who will be the 3rd Legend? I guess it will take about half a year.

PS) Sorry, TW staff (2996) and Rabbit (2690)...

EDIT> Eh...working in sunday night was not a good idea after all.
I've realized it's not considerate to do this kind of poll. All the good and active posters will eventually become a Legend in time. This poll could take away the pure fun factor of contributing although I know it wouldn't matter at all for these nominees whether the 3rd or not. I wish I could cancel this thread.