View Full Version : Stringing Instructions for Wilson Sting Midsize

06-01-2004, 02:58 AM
I need to string a Wilson Sting Mid. It's the same racquet that
Tennis Warehouse is selling in the "Vintage" category.
Thanks for any help.

Steve Huff
06-01-2004, 03:39 AM
Wilson Sting Midsize (85 sq in): LENGTH: 33' (ss: 8' 9") or 17'6"(M) and 15'6"(X) TENSION:50-60lbs PATTERN: 16M x 18X Start M/s at throat. M's skip 7T, 9T and 7H and 9H. No shared holes. Top X: 7H Bottom: 7T

If 1-piece stringing: Complete short side (8M) and tie off at 6T. String long side from 7M to 1X and begin crosses. Continue on bumpered models by stringing 2X to 4X, then 3X to 5X to secure bumper. Finish X's at bottom (18X), then complete 8M and tie off at 5H.

If 2-piece stringing: Tie off M's at 6T. Start X's at 7H (Starting knot: 5H) Finish X's at 7T and tie off at 8T.

This was Wilson's around-the-world pattern at the time. I'd suggest using a different ATW pattern for 1-piece.