View Full Version : Head I.Prestige vs. Head Liquidmetal Prestige

06-01-2004, 10:12 AM
I am a 4.5 level college tennis player and have been using the Head i.prestige since junior year of high school (I'll be a sophomore in college next year). I was just wondering if it was really beneficial to switch to the Liquidmetal Prestige from the i.prestige. I absolutely love my i.prestige's however they are becoming quite worn (except for one newer one) and I was wondering if the Liquidmetal Prestige was actually a better racquet, if anybody could give me some comparison's or advice that would be very nice.


06-01-2004, 10:20 AM
First of all, you can get replacement iPrestige racquets for very cheap now. So, if you are only switching to b/c the iPrestige is discontinued, then try the For Sale forum at TW or **** to find some iPrestige racquets. My doubles partner got one for very cheap off **** brand new.

The LM Prestige is a tad lighter, more flexible, and more comfortabel than the iPrestige. However, the iPrestige seems more powerful to me and stiffer to me. I just switched to the LM Prestige b/c of the feel and softness of the frame. Good Luck in your search.

06-01-2004, 12:15 PM
new i.prestige racquets go for around $50 on ****. I will be picking up another soon myself.

06-01-2004, 01:45 PM
i recommend the Wilson Tour 90, or since that might be discontinues soon, the Ncode six-one tour 90, its a great racquet. I used to use the i prestige until my contract was up and i switched to the wilson tour 90, but now wilson will be sending me the Ncodes, which they said is almost the same exact thing. THe tour 90 has a lot more feel and plays with more life, i highly recommend it. The LM prestige is a really shabby weak frame. Doesnt feel like a solid racquet.

06-02-2004, 05:09 PM
Thank you for the advice, from what I have read and heard from others they have said about the same thing you guys have. Just that the LM prestige is a little lighter and more maneuvrable but doesn't have the same good feeling of the i.prestige.

I have tried the Wilson tour 90 and I play the i.prestige mp, there is really something about the 90 sq. in. head on the tour 90 that really bothers me, it's just a bit to small for me. I really love the i.prestige and was just wondering if it would be worth it to pay the extra money to get new LM prestiges in comparison.