View Full Version : your Favorite the Beatles Album? (if you are a fan)

12-27-2005, 02:29 PM
Which one is your favorite Beatles Album? Why?
There are only 10 options...sorry for the people who love 'Yellow submarine' or 'Magical mystery tour'.

My favoirte is the White Album: Simply beautiful. My favorte songs are - Julia, Martha my dear, Blackbird to name a few.

followed by Sgt.Pepper's and Revolver (great jacket art!)

12-27-2005, 05:21 PM
its hard to choose only one its between a hard days night and revolver

12-27-2005, 06:32 PM
Revolver (10 chars.)

12-27-2005, 07:02 PM
So hard to choose, but I guess my favorite is Rubber Soul (the 14 track UK edition that included "Drive My Car" and "Nowhere Man"). A stellar album packed with many classic tracks, and the beautiful standard "In My Life", which is a personal all-time favorite.

K. Wilson Moose
12-27-2005, 07:19 PM
So hard to choose, but I guess my favorite is Rubber Soul (the 14 track UK edition that included "Drive My Car" and "Nowhere Man"). A stellar album packed with many classic tracks, and the beautiful standard "In My Life", which is a personal all-time favorite.

Yeah, Rubber Soul was my second choice. "Norwegian Wood", "Girl", and "Michelle" are also classics, and "Run for your Life", while catchy, echoes the the dark side of jealousy. Great album!

12-27-2005, 11:20 PM
Not fair! Too many choices, too many answers ... ask me 10 times I'll give you six answers -- right now, a tie between Sgt. Pepper and Abbey Road, but since I can't pick one, I haven't voted yet ...

12-28-2005, 04:12 AM
All of them - really! How many groups have put out a CD where 2/3rd's of the songs are hits. I have some that stand out for the variety of songs: ' White album,' Sgt. Peppers,' Abbey Road,' Rubber Soul,', Revolver, - see what I mean, I can't stop ! :)

12-28-2005, 07:12 AM
Tough choice. I think "Revolver", "Sgt. Pepper" & The White Album would be the top 3. Each album is great and unique in it's own way. I love the Past Masters series as well.

12-28-2005, 07:23 AM
I own all of The Beatles music on CD. I own them all because I enjoy them all. As such it is nearly impossible for me to pick one favorite from the bunch. I ended up voting for Let It Be, but each of the albums are a classic.

12-28-2005, 07:29 AM
you forgot...the greatest hits album. That one is definitly the best.

12-28-2005, 05:49 PM
you forgot...the greatest hits album. That one is definitly the best.

That could be a whole new topic of discussion: favorite Beatles greatest hits compilation. My favorite is the 1967-1970 double cd. Wow, nobody has even mentioned the Anthology cd's. Well let me be the first. There is an incredible acoustic version of "While My Guitar Gently Weeps" on there, performed by George alone, and it has new lyrics that aren't on the studio White Album version. If you haven't heard it yet it is a must have. Anthology also has a slowed down, blues rock version of "Helter Skelter" that is just damn badass.

12-28-2005, 06:15 PM
this is really tough. I think their most solid album was Help!, but I also think Revolver was fun, perhaps their most mature album was Abbey Road.

Capt. Willie
12-28-2005, 06:51 PM
Sgt. Pepper's without a doubt. Not only is it the best Beatles album but it's one of the best albums period. Oh, and has there ever been a better album cover?

12-28-2005, 07:39 PM
It is amazing to me how Magical Mystery Tour gets left out. So many people don't think about it when it comes to the best Beatles albums.

YET, 7 (SEVEN) of the 11 songs are on the greatest hits "Blue Album":
1) Magical Mystery Tour 2) All You Need is Love 3) I AM the Walrus
4) Hello Goodbye 5) The Fool On the Hill 6) Penny Lane and 7) Strawberry Fields Forever

The White Album has but THREE songs of the 30 on the Blue Album and even Sgt Pepper only has 4.

Also, two of the other four songs on MMT not on the Blue Album are very nice songs ( Baby you're a rich man and Your Mother Should Know)

From that perspective, you could argue that MMT is as good or better than Pepper. But Pepper will always be considered better because it was so unique and set it's own trend.

I love them all, even the early stuff. It gets kind of depressing knowing Lennon has been dead 25 years, Geroge is gone and Paul and Ringo are about at Social Security Age (I think Ringo is 65). Their last album recorded was 36 years, 4 mos. ago. The great, early stuff goes back 42 years. It shows their greatness though.

12-28-2005, 07:46 PM
Also, think about if the Beatles had stayed together for just two or three more years--they could have put out an album (or two) with songs like Instant Karma, Give Peace a Chance (John could have put these under the Beatles), Imagine, Maybe I'm amazed, Uncle Albert, Another Day, What is Life, My Sweet Lord, Isn't it a Pity, It Don't Come Easy, Jealous Guy, Love, God, Too Many People, The Art of Dying, Photograph and More.

If they stayed together though '73, they'd have put out Band On the Run, Jet, Mind Games, So This is Christmas, Give Me Love, Live and Let Die and others.

Imagine the one or two or three addtional albums under the Beatles umbrella if they made it work for just three more years. As it is, their body of work still is the greatest in musical history--BY FAR!!!!

12-28-2005, 08:00 PM
revolver is great. Help, sgt. peppers lonely hearts club band, all excellent albums. My brother has the vinyl of those three. really classic stuff, i pop their cd's in everytime i go on a long roadtrip.

12-28-2005, 08:08 PM
Beatles 1???


Joe Average
12-28-2005, 09:54 PM
"Revolver." The perfect album. But the second side (this will mean something to the older folks) of "Abbey Road" is a masterpiece. The White Album ("The Beatles") was always a little too long. I mean, how many times can you listen to "Revolution 9?" (sober). And though "Sgt. Pepper's" was revolutionary, for its time, I never felt it held together as an album as well as "Revolver." But gosh. So many great songs ... written by them. How many of today's pop stars can write songs of that caliber ... or, for that matter, even write their own songs? And, mind you, the Beatles didn't last very long as a group.

12-29-2005, 06:14 PM
The Beatles were great songwriters, pretty good musicians, and were excellent performers. But I don't think the chemistry was ever there between the four of them, and that is why they eventually split (or maybe the Yoko theory is correct).

The Beatles were essentially an act that was cobbled together by managers and producers for the sake of selling records. I think as a group of musicians they were fantastic but not as solid and unified as say Page/Plant/Jones/Bonham.

When a Beatle didn't show up for recording, the others would just go on without him. If a member of Zep didn't show up, there was no act (true Bonham had a stand in for one of the tours, but for the most part each member was essential). I think that is why Zep would still be together today if Bonham were alive. And why U2 will probably be around for another 20 years.

12-29-2005, 07:51 PM
Dude you got to be kidding. There was incredible chemistry with all of them until the very last year or so. Lennon/McCartney fed off each other and pushed each other. They were also very good friends. And they helped make Harrison a very good songwriter as well. They supported him and eventually, he added gems like Taxman, Here Comes the Sun, Something and While My Guitar Gently Weeps.

They all loved Ringo as well. In fact, druing the White album, they pleaded with Ringo to come back after a riff they all had. They welcomed him back.

These guys grew up together and John, Paul and George were friends back in 1957. Chemistry? They had more up until the end (and even then, they were able to come together and record a brilliant Abbey Road album) of any musical group in history.

12-29-2005, 08:44 PM
Dude you got to be kidding. There was incredible chemistry with all of them until the very last year or so.

From what I understand, they started having problems as early as 1965 (not coincidentally when they started to really shine). They all toughed it out until 1969 because of their respect of each other's musical ability and the understanding that they had something special going. Harrison was a little resentful of how little he contributed, and some of the songs he contributed were definitely classsics. Paul and John's styles were clashing a little. The last year they weren't even really collaberating at all. I guess I don't know for sure, but I did read a few books on the Beatles and did a fairly large paper on them in college last year, and I guess that's what I got from it all.

By the way, best album to me is Revolver without a doubt. So solid from top to bottom, not one throw away song, unlike some of their latter stuff like on Magical Mystery Tour, Let It Be, and even a little on the White Album. Of course not saying these are bad albums at all, but just that there were a few songs that weren't up to their extremely high standard. Actually I think the 67-70 album has been knocked a little bit because it has so many MMT songs on it, which no offense to anyone that likes it the most, is pretty much regarded as the 'worst' of the latter Beatles stuff by people that are supposed to know this sort of stuff.

Favorite personal song is Revolution (the single version, not #1 or #9 from the White Album). Just a great hard rocking song with a message.

12-29-2005, 08:45 PM
The chemistry point is easily debated, but I don't think they fit together that well, and that is why they did not last longer. Then again, it could have been Yoko, that wench.

12-31-2005, 11:45 AM
I've got all of their albums. Their best have to be Abbey Road, Let It Be, Sgt. Peppers, and The White Album. Sgt. Peppers is the most solid of them all, but Let It Be is special, and The White Album is a deviation from the Beatles' typical style which makes it totally seperate from the rest. I went to London recently, and saw Abbey Road, which was nice.

Also, I remember hearing about some music done by Dylan and Lennon together, do any of you guys know where I could get this? I'm sure it would be terrific.