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01-03-2006, 07:38 PM
I have a Tour 10 Vengine mid which came in a trade. I strung it up and found that it definately needs some lead in the head and in the handle to play against some of the hard hitters I play against. The comfort is really nice and I find it has a nice sized sweet spot with a consistent stringbed. I am playing around with lead in the handle and at 3 & 9 so far but was just sorta curious what some of you that have used this one for a while have done. I am used to playing my frames at this point up to 12.7 ounces and the T 10 vengine mid is coming in at 12.1 with overgrip strung so I have a little weight I can handle adding. I must say that this racquet is very easy to get around the court with and really volleys well. It feels a little light on my 2-hander and on the service motion so lead will surely help that just a bit. Any feedback appreciated as I know there are some long time users of this one here.
PS: Tonight I added a leather grip before weighing it again so it was 12.1 before switching it to leather. I will also add that the Volkl leather I put on it is really sweet and is definately one of the better leather grips out there.

01-04-2006, 12:35 AM
This is the only racquet which I've not dared customized as I felt that it was perfectly balanced for my style of play. I've tinkered around with my FXP Tour, C10 Pro, Wilson 95 Classic to name a few just to get the same feel as my T10 VE Mid.

Do post your findings after you've taken it out for a spin :p

01-04-2006, 06:00 AM
I played this frame for a while and it played fine for me stock against 'big hitters'. Often with big hitters you need less weight and not more because you can find your self rushing your racquet work and hitting late when pressured by a 'big hitter', so the lighter aspects of the frame should be a benefit and not a drawback. if you think you need more weight because the racquet is twisting on you because you are playng a big hitter, that is likely because the big hitter is causing you to miss hit. I would have likely switched to this frame but I wasnt good enough to make it work for me on returns of serve on the dirt.

01-04-2006, 10:14 AM
I played with this racket for a long time with 8g of lead at 10 and 2 and 5g of lead at the throat. Towards the end of my time with it, I took all of the lead off and that made it seem effortless to whip it around and generate a lot of spin. I don't feel like I lost much if any "heaviness" in my shots either. Just not as much plow through feel.

I've played hard hitters with both setups and still preferred not having the lead when playing against them, especially for the added maneuverability. I agree with Mojo on stability being about hitting the sweetspot. I would modify a racket to help me find the sweetspot easier, but not to 'stabilize' off center hits. That seems like a bandaid to me. I actually did have trouble with off center shots with this stick ... too many of 'em ... and that's why I switched to a 98. No problems now. :)

I now play with the Gen 2 and consider it to pretty much be the VE Mid with a 98 head.

01-04-2006, 10:21 AM
Well i'm not having a problem with mishits at all actually. Most likely I won't end up switching to this racquet as it just doesn't have the plow through I am used to and seem to like alot and it just feels a little light which is why I was looking at the lead option. I haven't found it to be very unstable but more so looking to add to the plow through of the frame. On my two handed backhand I really like the feel of going through the ball and with a racquet lighter than my favorite specs I don't seem to have as much of that feeling. Oh well I guess i'll just put it up for sale and forget about it.

01-04-2006, 03:03 PM
I now play with the Gen 2 and consider it to pretty much be the VE Mid with a 98 head.

I think Vin has this nailed. The two frames have similar power levels and swingweights, but having the bigger sweetspot of the Gen2 is significant I think, especially when playing big hitters. Also the Gen2 may be easier to spin for many people.
I know I tend to miss hit more when I play big hitters for the reasons I've listed earlier, use a 98 headsize , and am considered to be a very good ball striker, but then I'm only a 5.0-5.5 hitter.