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01-05-2006, 10:16 AM
I asked earlier about the best way to string my Liquidmetal Prestige Mid, you gave me the advice for a tension of 40 lbs mains and 53 lbs crosses. Being that my preferred tension was around 53. Have my racquet strung with Luxilon BB Alu Power 16g at this tension. Racquet plays luxuriously, I notice a great deal more spin and feel. I can create incredibly sharp angles, hit for the sidelines or the baseline, and i notice much better feel on my volleys.
My question is, though my racquet is playing much better than it has before I still have a few minor problems. I haven't yet clocked any serves using the racquet strung this way, but I have removed any and all lead weights I have added. With my prior setup of Luxilon LTS MultiMono 53lbs mains and Gamma Syn Gut red 16g crosses at 51 lbs, and the addition of 8 grams lead tape at 12 oclock in the form of Gamma Lead tape in 2, 8 inch strips overlapped across the tip of the racquet. (Gamma lead tape, 1/2 gram per In.) With this setup I could clock serves consistently in the 120's and high 110's, occasionally nearing 130. However my kick serves don't seem to have as much kick as I would like.
My question is, what setup would you recommend for lead tape to fix these aspects. Increasing kick on my kick serves, I guess making the racquet more headlight would help? Increasing power on the groundstrokes for depth and general heaviness of stroke, I need a boost here so I can reach deep court with heavy spin easier. Increasing power on serves, i'd really like to break the 130 mark, don't really care by how much.
Thanks in advance, I know its alot of questions.
I dunno if my own build matters but I am 18 years old and 6'3", so I can get the serves pretty well up there.

01-06-2006, 08:54 AM
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