View Full Version : Wilson PS Tour 90 to C10 Pro

01-07-2006, 05:03 PM
The Wilson Tour 90 has served me well over the last 6 months but I have continually had trouble getting power on the return of serve. I tried the prestige mids but they seemed to lack maneuvarability at the net.

I am not one to try midplus racquets but I did try out the C10 Pro as a part of a racquet trade. I must say that I could not find one aspect of this racquet I do not like. The best part was it seems to be a good volleying racquet as well. All the hype about volkl comfort does seem to be true too.

I have/had only one problem - I try to chip/slice returns deep in to the court as my approach shot but I had some trouble getting my slices to work with the C10. I do not know if its the thicker beam (compared to the tour 90) but any advice from volkl users on how to improve this will be appreciated.

p.s. Thanks to skraggle for giving me the opportunity to try the C10

01-07-2006, 06:42 PM
As a former user of the C10 for over two years, and a former user of the PS Tour 90, try out the T10 V-E Mid, that's what I switched to from the PS Tour 90. Better all around frame and can produce some really nasty slice. Don't worry about the dense pattern, if you have solid technique, you won't find any drop in spin. It's also better for flattening out winners than the PS Tour 90. Basically, for me it just does every single thing better than the Tour 90. The only advantage of the Tour 90, is the higher swingweight plows through a bit better on service returns if you are late, but the lower swingweight and lower static weight of the T10 will lower your chances of being late. It's a really good all around frame with no glaring weaknesses, similar to the C10. As a side note, I never had problems slicing deep with the C10, I did have a few problems with Pure Drive users taking my deep slices and fly-swatting forehand winners off their back foot though.

01-07-2006, 06:56 PM
Thanks masamusou. I think the problem with the tour 90 might have been not being able to get to the ball on time as you have pointed out. Do you think the Tour 10 VEngine MP might be better than the VEngine Mid given that I have taken a liking to the C10 pro which is an MP racquet?