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01-08-2006, 02:16 AM
can some one pls give your views on this racket?

Richie Rich
01-08-2006, 03:10 AM
found it comparable to the head radical line of racquets. more than enough power, good control due to 18x20 string pattern. able to hit some nice groundies and slice backhands.

grip shape is similar to head - more rectangular than square but not as pronounced as head racquets. might take a little getting used to if moving from a dunlop or prince but you'll get used to it.

can't remember more - last time i hit with the 315 was summer. ended up going with the 325 b/c it was a little heavier and a little flexier.

01-08-2006, 03:35 AM
I'd pretty much agree with Richie on this rqt. Even though its a 18x20 its quite open and spin pontential is good compared with other 18x20 rqts. It seems to play better with a softer string strung in the bottom half of the tension range. Adding a little lead also helps.

It is similar to the Head Radical range as RR has mentioned and so plays with a little extra pop than the TF325.

Overall its a good alternative to the Head rqt.


01-08-2006, 05:31 AM
this sounds absolutely superb. been using the lm rad mp and didnt really have the cash
t315 would do a good replacement eh. oh btw any strings to recommend? X1 biphase?

Richie Rich
01-08-2006, 05:06 PM
since it's similar spec to the radicals i would put whatever string you normally use at same tension and then go from there.

x-1 biphase is a really nice string if you want a good quality multi. if you use this now go with it.

01-08-2006, 07:12 PM
I think you would find the 315 to be a much harsher hit than any of the Radical series frames. Definitely demo before purchasing. Stringbed is more predictable than the Radicals I think, but I didnt find the 315 to be a very comfortable hit.

Richie Rich
01-09-2006, 03:07 AM
Mojo - I played with i.rad MP last year and when I was switching frames demoed the TF 315 and didn't find it any harsher than the i.rad. maybe so vs the lm rad (and many other frames) but not a huge difference. i remember a couple of jars from hitting near the top of the frame but this isn't that uncommon in most racquets, at least the ones i've hit with. i remember reading your comment when you did the comparative review last year but can't remember what the other 2 frames were that you were comparing and am too lazy to search this early in the morning.

i think the racquet is very string sensitive. that being said, much preferred the softer feel of the 325 but this is more similar to prestige line and might not be the spec the OP is looking for.

01-09-2006, 06:20 AM
Richie I do think that Texalium stuff (is that what that is called?) they put in there makes for an uncomfortable hit. The first few minutes in warm ups I thought 'Twaron' and the 315 felt a bit like the Prestige Classic, but when I started hitting out with this frame, it just felt very uncomfortable to me... harsh and jarring. The frame I was sent was strung with a soft multi at mid range plus 2. Conversely none of the Radicals I've ever hit caused that type of harshness. My hitting partner felt the same about this frame and he is more used to a stiffer hit than I. I am pretty sensitive to harsher playing gear though.

01-09-2006, 06:24 AM
hmmmmi have a wrist injury. think this will cause it to flare up?

01-09-2006, 06:36 AM
hmmmmi have a wrist injury. think this will cause it to flare up?

Indeed, probably not recommended in this case.

FWIW, check my recommendations here:

Best arm friendly racquets?
(look at Volkl, PK, esp not 18x20, LM Prestige MP, RDX 500 MP)

also, the Wrist Pain section in my signature:

Great Fitness Sites

also suggest:

- talking to a coach (you might have an exagerated topspin motion, such as windshield washer (which should be used only in special situation, but not from the baseline on a regular basis), scooping the ball, wristing the ball)
- using multis, not harsh strings
- lowering your tensions, esp on 18x20s

01-09-2006, 08:25 AM
RR & NBM, I think the tf315 is a stiffer hit than the Ti.rad and the LM Rad, but probably about the same as the i.rad. I wouldn't call it a harsher hit, just a bit firmer. Consequently most of the Volkls I've tried I'd say had a firmer feel to it, so much so that it gave me a bit of TE. However I've found the dnx10 the best of all the Volkls I've tried. I'm even considering chaging to the dnx10 and that says something.

The tf315 is never a Prestige Classic. The tf325 is close to a prestige rqt, if fact I'd say it's close to the i.pres than a pres classic/mid or LM pres because of its stiffer approach.

In the end it is one persons view over another and I;d say to the original poster 'go and demo the rqt and see what you feel'.



01-09-2006, 08:50 AM
u-skippy i was speaking strictly from a feel perspective rather than a spec perspective and am aware the 315 specs arent so similar to that of the prestige. i do think the texalium stuff has a twaron likefeel only harsher and that the dense stringbed of the 315 smacks a bit of the firmer stringbed of most 18mains frames

01-09-2006, 06:54 PM
i am using a rather leaded up i rad at the moment. have hit the racquet. excellent off serves groundstrokes a bit sluggish tho. i'm a 3.5. the volleys are not so crisp. maybe it's the strings. i tend to use a full synthetic. maybe it's the strings? any recommendations then ukskippy?