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06-07-2004, 07:22 AM
ok, I'm from Hong Kong and looking for a brand new stick as a gift for WRITING the CFA exam(for whose who understand what I am talking about...just sitting the exam take enmous courage, not to metion passing)

anyway, I pretty much locked my choice onto the LM prestige, which sold around USD 150 locally from retail.

However, the guy in the pro shop highly recommend the new Volk V Engine 10, saying it play as good as the Prestige, even more, the the price is just HKD 680, which equal less than USD 90. Both are price of brand new by the way. I wonder if the 10 is just a piece crap and he wanna get rid of the obstele by selling it cheap.

So, anyone here played with both and can run a critque for me?

I previously play with a Prestige Classic, so I have rough idea on how the LMP will play. But I never play with a Volk and had no idea what the real deal is.

I am mostly likeky to get it from retail locally as most ****er don't ship out the US and the shipping cost is too high even if it does.

The prices of different stick at TW are more or less the same, but here in HK, thereis huge discrepenacy among the prices. One of the reason I haven't yet touch a Babolet is because they're way too cheap here. A Brand new pure drive sell less than USD 90 while a LMRadical is about USD 150. When the Babolet first lauch into the market a few year back, the price difference almost make me think they're cheaply made and counted as a 'cheapy' racquet.

Now I am more mature to think it's just the way to penetrate into the market as a new brand...So, with the price difference, should I get the Volk or LM?

Thanks in advance

06-07-2004, 07:52 AM
I personally use the tour10 mid and love it. Iwill be demoing the V-engine10 this week and was told that it is similar to tour10 but with bigger sweetspot and a little bit firmer. So I should expect some ind of improvement!?!

For me the LMrestige mid is a little on the heavy side. You also need to have perfect mechanics to either hit or serve with this stick. Therefore unless you are a "B" or "A" grade player you could be better off with something else.

Bottomline is that you should try to play with both sticks either by borrowing from friends or demo to get a better feel as everybody feel differently.

p.s. don't put too much assumption to price and quality when purchasing a racket as they probably cost the same to make, but established company like Head or Prince can command a higher markup and hence the proce difference.

06-07-2004, 09:28 AM
I've demo-ed both the Tour 10 V-Engine and the LM Prestige MP and liked the Tour 10 V-Engine much more. It felt more stable, volleyed better, and was much better for serving. The LM Prestige MP felt sort of flimsy to me and vibrated a lot on impact. When I hit groundstrokes with it, the ball always felt like it was going to go out even though it usually landed in. Thus, I thought the V-Engine had better feel. The LM Prestige also felt cheaply made to me.

BTW, I NEVER assume something is of better quality just because it's more expensive. I just assume the manufacturer is gouging the customer and making more profit off of it. Here, in the U.S. the Pure Drive sells for $180 and the PS 6.0 85 sells for $130. Does that mean the PD is a better racquet? I think not! Pricing is purely based on what a particular market is willing to bear, and NOT a reflection of the product itself. :shock:

06-07-2004, 04:22 PM
hlkimfung, what shop is this where you are finding these prices from? I would greatly appreciate if you could provide a shop name and address.


06-07-2004, 05:38 PM
hlkimfung, same question for me. Maybe next time I can get decent rackets when I stop by HK... TIA.

06-08-2004, 12:16 PM

Your post may cause US dealers to complain. Babolat is already out of stock in HK since the distributor is having a hard time renewing their contract. HK is only a small market, manufacturer could completely control the pricing once they go popular.

06-08-2004, 03:39 PM
Thanks hlkimfung, but what city is that shop located in and do you have an address for the place?

06-08-2004, 09:23 PM
I'm not gonna say anything then

just called the above number and check it out yourself

Leslie Kwong
06-10-2004, 07:54 AM
Volkl is not cheap!
For the people who wrote on this web site: I can tell you it was never meant to sell Volkl cheap. Back in 8 years ago, the most poupular V1 Vario Classic cost HK$1400 whereas my Prince Graphite origional OS( Sabatina use) cost HK$1400 in 1988-89. Volkl started to make thier stick in China and they are not famous or poupular in Asia and therefore to survive they have to cut price. It is still mraked as say: 1700HK$ for their Volkl Catapult V10 V Engine which is for sale in Australia for about HK$3000!. But the Volkl manufacturer request the dealer to mark the price at high: the dealer give you great discount and to attract sale, otherwise, you will not buy Volkl but only look at Prince, Wilson, Head blindly.
Mind you they made a few very good model in the last decade BUT also a lot of non saleable models because the market is directed in that way to produce a lot of models in their line to force all type of users to choose one to take home.
The best models Volkl sold well is the Classic V1 which is still selling strong and the on tour or C series top model like the Tour 10 or in this case the Tour 10 V Engine Mid........So my friend s in HK, donnot be alarm why you are so luck to get Volkl cheap. The shop you mentioned in HK is in Causeway bay and is one of the Volkl authorised dealer and there is no reason or predjuice that he recommand you on Volkl as compared with the Head LM Prest. because of price difference and the quality is similar if not too different.
This is why the USA TW and others authorised dealer need to adertise at a preset and preagreed price range for Volkl as to honour the agreement with Volkl. I recently bought a Volkl Classic V1 10th Anniversary edition from Tennis Warehouse at a cost including postagfe of HK$1500.......
In HK, there are dealer who have connections in China and they go into the China market at the production source to get and take the Volkl stick one by one into HK and therefore can even sell at a lower price,BUT they will not be gaurente by the Volkl manufactuer. There is a "hologram" mark on the proper QE controlled stick from the Volkl to proof that they are the assured quality stuff................I hope you people now understand all this. My previous coach used to sell me Volkl stick and happened to know the story!

06-10-2004, 09:20 AM
I am also been trying to compare racquets recently and decided that if I were to buy a new racket, it would be either the LM Prestige MP or the Volkl Tour 10 V-Engine MP. From what I hear here, it sounds like people tend to like the Volkl better. I am anxious to see if TW will write a review on the new V-Engines. I currently use a 300G and I am going to try experimenting with more weight for more stability, power, and control.

04-16-2007, 10:49 PM

Very smart strategy to get the racquet prices cheaper ;-)

But the guarantee not being honoured by volkl really is bad medicine to swallow in this case hahahaha

So, without the hologram, the racquet has not passed through Quality Control?? Or does it mean that the racquet never got registered on their account database.. i can see the loophole here heehehhehe

Indy Tennis
04-17-2007, 06:25 AM
I can attest that the Volkl T10 V-E Mid plays better than the Head LM Prestige MP. (I haven't played with the Mid version of the LM Prestige).

As mentioned numerous times on this board, the LM Prestige MP is a great control racquet, but it has this weird resonating vibration after contacting the ball. Dampeners don't solve this. Incidentally, the same thing happens with the LM Radical MP.

I haven't heard the vibration issues with the Flexpoints so I would guess Head recognized and solved the problem.

The Volkl is a sweet racquet and my racquet of choice.

04-17-2007, 07:18 AM
As mentioned numerous times on this board, the LM Prestige MP is a great control racquet, but it has this weird resonating vibration after contacting the ball. Dampeners don't solve this. Incidentally, the same thing happens with the LM Radical MP.

I haven't heard the vibration issues with the Flexpoints so I would guess Head recognized and solved the problem.
That's probably what I noticed about the LMP and FXPP. I certainly prefer the FXP to the LM.

04-18-2007, 08:29 PM
The LM prestige MP was really flexy for me when i demo'd it a long time ago.
Even more so than my volkls!

I simply do not have the strength to thump the ball on groundies with that racquet but the serves were great. Very mean fast ball but not the same weight of shot compared to my volkls!

My friend uses the LM prestiges MP quite well and he is able to generate a sneaky fast ball sometimes with it!