View Full Version : How many of you still use the TT graphite ?

01-25-2006, 11:02 AM
Im just wondering how many guy's are still using the Prince TT Graphite ? This was a great racquet and I notice that some of the non-sponsered pro's like Rocus still use it. JC Ferrero and Coria used it for a long time also . Im using the N-code N-tour and I really like it but my old TT's were good too. I took up the sport at age 27 and my Pro used the TT so I bought 2 from him right from the start , so this was the racquet i learned with . I went through the 3.5's in my first year and started playing 4.0 the next and I belive If I had used a Scream or Skunk I would not have moved up as fast .

Gaines Hillix
01-25-2006, 11:35 AM
I have one customer that still uses them. I thought they were harsh feeling on off center hits with a relatively small sweatspot and had a too stiff feel overall. Personal preferance, of course.

01-25-2006, 12:23 PM
A friend of mine use them and I tried them a few times.

A solid and muted racket.

01-25-2006, 12:36 PM
Did the TT Graphite's have the genuine Triple threat weights? As in, not the painted crap we get today, post-Wilson lawsuit over infringement on the PWS.

01-25-2006, 12:50 PM
By in large, the TT Graphite were deemed a miserable racquet but like any product there are some people that must like it. It did have the weights and it was not just a paint job. What doomed this stick was it's even balance and weight (made it feel slow), and stiffness that took out all the feel without giving back any power.