View Full Version : Some questions regarding the FXP Prestige, and XL racquets

01-29-2006, 03:29 PM
I hit with two hands on both sides. As such, I was reading around about XL frames, and that two handers should definitely give them a look. However, I'm growing into something of a serve & volley game, so I wanted to know;

1. Is an XL racquet especially detrimental to the net game? I mean, on some level is fine, because all racquets can be, and since I love a high swingweight even for it's negetivity at net, I figure a small amount of maneuverability loss is fine, too. But a lot of difficulty moving, I would have a problem with.

2. Does anyone know when HEAD is planning on releasing the FXP Prestige in the states? I hit with one the other day in my local (Hah! Half hour drive...) tennis store, and while it was (I believe) the mid, and not the XL (which I'm looking into), I have to say it felt wonderful. And while the HEAD website lacks that particular frame, a pamphlet I picked up did list it as out, even though it's not quite. So, does that mean that it should be out within a month or so? Or are they just filling the pamphelt with lies?

I haven't tried the Prestige in any in-depth situation, so I do need to demo it if and when the time comes to buy, before I make a decision, but while I'm at it, has the Prestige generally been passable at net through the years? My volleys are actually pretty good (I say that from the knowledge that my coach, who complains about my form on everything, complemented them) so I just need to make sure it's not completely detracting. Um.. I guess.. Did I talk too much? I probably did... anyways. Thanks in advance.

01-30-2006, 06:22 AM
Amone, not too many people have tried the FP Prestige XL, but if your game is morphing into a SV, then I would not only look at the FP prestige XL,

If you are a OHBH, then I would look at the mids, the XL is too much for OHBH. But in your case you use THBH then the XL is not a bad choice. IMO the XL was sluggish at net and if I were playing doubles it would not be my first choice

Head will release the FP next month,

THe FP Prestige MP is your best bet IMO and you should try that first, it has it all, an all court stick

01-30-2006, 02:21 PM
Thanks, Michael. That was a very helpful reply. I'll definitely look into the MP, though the other two sizes will need a good look, because I do like the idea of the extra weight that the mid provides, and it's the same size as the racquet I'm using now, and the XL especially for the extra groundstroke punch you referred to in your review; I often find that when playing people at my level, my approach shots work just as well as winners much of the time. Which I think says less about me and more about them, but I digress, and the fact that I do have two arms swinging the racquet no matter where the balls go will probably help that even more, giving me more time than normal to set up volleys. But I'm not sure about that, which is why I'll definitely give serious weight to your suggestion.

However, I'd bet that if I try the two MPs side-by-side, especially with the doubles partner I'll undoubtedly have this year on my high school team, you will probably end up being completely correct. I'm just silly and stubborn. You've been a great help.