View Full Version : Hybrid on ProKennex G5

01-30-2006, 11:24 AM
G5, 16x20, skip 8T,8H, tieoff Ms=6H
start X=8H, last X=8T, tieoff 7T

In case of putting hybrid on G5 do you put 3 strings in #6 hole ?
(assuming that you Tieoff Ms=6H).
Or you use any other as a ancor for starting Xs ?


Gaines Hillix
01-30-2006, 11:49 AM
You may already have extra over sized grommets. You can use the 6H holes at the head for tieing off both sides of the mains and you will use 7T for the last cross at the bottom, so you need one more hole at the top for the tieoff of your first cross. I prefer tieing off on a cross when I can, so see if you can enlarge 10H for your starting knot at the head. Use a waxed awl or a flaring tool for this. Heating that area with a hair dryer or heat gun in conjunction with your awl will also help. Do this before you start the job. Note - you'll need to use a starting clamp or extra flying clamp on the first cross going in at 8H until you have the rest of the crosses in. Then repull 8H, clamp it off with one of your machine clamps, remove the starting clamp and then release the tension head and tie off at 10H. If 10H is too close to its neighbor 9H making it awkward to tie a knot there, then you'll have to go with 7H or 5H. If 7H is more convenient but leaves a sharp angle in the string, you might want to consider putting a power pad in there.

01-30-2006, 04:03 PM
Thankx a lot, Gaines!
So full info, even nobody can't put 1c.