View Full Version : Sysop- Head LM Prestige Made In??

Mike Werblin
06-09-2004, 06:27 PM
Sysop- I recently posted a question in the Racquets section on these boards regarding whether the LM Prestige is made in Czech Republic or Austria?? Please see that post and let me know what info you have about it. Thanks!!

06-10-2004, 04:05 AM
Months ago I remember to have practised with a Head Graphite director (old model) and it said in the buttcap it was made in Austria. Same on a club coach Prestige Classic 600's. Maybe the main origin is Austria and Czech Rep. manufactures them too under tech specs.

Hope this helps,

TW Staff
06-10-2004, 08:12 AM
According to HEAD, all Liquidmetal racquets are made in Austria.

Chris, TW.

05-05-2005, 01:23 PM
I hope this link will make you feel at east with your Head tennis racquet. I was a bit concerned myself, but I found this....apparently, they now make them in Czech Republic as well, if not all.


05-06-2005, 06:11 AM
the demo i got was made in czech republic the one i bought was made in austria

TW Staff
05-06-2005, 03:30 PM
Please note that at the time of my original post (6/10/04) all Liquidmetal racquets were made in Austria - this was partly due to the Twin Tube frame design. However, HEAD now has the ability to produce these racquets at their other factories.

Chris, TW.