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06-11-2004, 10:29 PM
Anyone know about this racquet from the 80s? Likely fairly similar to the Copper Ace - plenty flexible, with the fiberglass.

Just looking for someone who's played with it, and can share their view of it.


06-12-2004, 05:00 AM
Hey Deuce!

The Fibre Ace always felt like the poor second cousin of the Copper Ace to me. I'm not sure what percentage of it was fibreglass, but it played a bit stiffer than you would think for a frame that was called the "Fibre Ace". Certainly not up in the Silver Ace/Black Ace region, but it didn't really have that noticeable "whip" that you get with truly flexible frames. I'd describe it as rather muted - perhaps even a little spongy. And it always felt like it lacked a little substance to me. Knowing what you think of the Premier Tour, I'd say you may find it somewhat similar, stability wise.

The Copper Ace was just more of a racquet than the Fibre Ace in my opinion. See if you can test it first if you're planning on picking one up.

06-12-2004, 09:40 PM
Thanks, galain.

The old Copper Ace was one of my favorite racquets. The Fiber (or Fibre) Ace is one of the few frames of the 80s that I never remember even hearing about. THe other day, I was in a little shop, and saw two brand new ones - never strung, plastic still on grip. There won't be any chance to demo one, based on what I was told about the owner of the shop, who is returning from vacation in a week - which is when I would begin my negotiations. I was told that he wants almost the price of today's new frames - so I've got my work cut out for me, I suppose. He's also got a brand new Black Ace, and a brand new Max 200G. Perhaps if I purchase all four frames, I'd be eligible for the special 'old fart' 50% rebate...

Apparently, this guy has had these racquets in the store for years. I don't really understand the logic of "I'm going to sell them at more than their original price, or not sell them at all." I'll try to enlighten him to the fact that 50% of too high a price is better than 0% of too high a price...

06-12-2004, 10:33 PM
Yes - you'd be quite right to negotiate. You know I feel much the same about 80's frames as you do yourself. Bearing that in mind, I'd not even think about paying top dollar for a brand new Fibre Ace today. A brand new Black Ace perhaps - a brand new Max 200G - yes, maybe. I couldn't justify paying it for a Fibre Ace though - it just wasn't raqcuet enough to go there.

See how you go - he may be more open to negotiation than it seems.

All the best mate.

07-30-2004, 12:58 AM
Don't know if you'll get a chance to read this rather late update - but I had my first hit with the Fiber Ace yesterday. I bought both of them, along with the Black Ace, and Max 200G - all brand new.

Everything you said about the Fibre Ace is quite accurate. It does play stiffer than one would think - but it's still plenty soft compared to today's junk. And, as you said, it's not the most stable racquet ever made. Sweet spot is fine - but any slight miss of the sweet spot, and the thing twists quite a bit. And, yes, it did remind me of the dreaded Premier Tour in this way. Also, the Fiber Ace feels rather 'wimpy' - weak, in other words.

I added 6 grams of lead to the lower part of the head before I had the first hit. I'm sure this helped, but it needs significantly more weight up there to help stabilize and solidify it.

For the first 20 minutes, I hated the thing. It was horrible. I strung it at 53 pounds (with Poly), and it felt like 73 pounds. It was ridiculous. Then... the strings began to get broken in. And the frame began to get broken in... and after 35 minutes, I was hitting shots that I don't recall hitting with any other racquet. I was literally aiming for - and hitting - the lines. It was kind of scary, actually.

There doesn't seem to be much touch to this racquet, though. Again, FIBER would indicate good touch - but... I think it's simply too light (and thus 'wimpy') to be able to have good touch. I'll put a good amount of weight on it, and that should help. For the price I paid, I'm happy with it overall.

... but, then again, it's only been one day...

Thanks again, bud.

07-30-2004, 04:42 AM
Glad you're having fun with it. I usually tend not to weight any of my frames so I guess some lead would make a bit of a difference from what I remember.

Are you going to bust out the Max 200G or is to hang on your wall?

07-30-2004, 10:50 PM
Actually, the Max 200G is going to a friend. He's been playing with the 200G for 20 years, and has three that are pretty beat up. He's tried a bunch of current frames - but, of course, nothing matched the 'wonderfulness' of the 200G - so he has stuck with his old frames. Even my Pro Tour 280s weren't good enough for him.

He's from France, and is a great player. I love to watch him play - he plays the 'old style', non-power game. It's beautiful to watch him hit the angles and touch shots - and volleys - that are so rarely seen today. He's got loads of natural talent - more than I, to be sure. I did beat him last winter - but that wouldn't have happened if he weren't carrying an extra 15 pounds in his mid-section.

So, basically, as much as I would enjoy the 200G, I'm letting him have it because, simply, he deserves it and will appreciate it more than I, and he'll put it to better use. I might use it a couple of times per month, which doesn't justify me having it when he's played with this frame for 20 years, and desperately needs a new one. I'm selling it, as well as the used Max 200G I bought off a guy at the beginning of the year, to him for the price I paid for them.

07-31-2004, 04:19 AM
That's a nice gesture. Reading your description of your friend reminds me of another one time Max 200G user - Ramesh Krishnan. What a beautiful player he was - elegance personified. He never dominated people but it was always a pleasure watching him play.

07-31-2004, 09:13 PM
Yes, Krishnan was certainly nice to watch, massaging the ball as he did.

How come Mecir never used the Max 200G? No doubt he would have passed the qualification test, had he taken it.

Ah, yes... the good ol' days...

10-28-2008, 01:06 AM
I probably shouldn't bump an old thread, but just wanted to say that I've just bought my NINTH 200G. I can't resist them when they come up for sale, usually at around $25 too. I have six of the original black ones (including two 200G Pro's) and three of the blue green ones. They are great racquets to play with, especially if you have a big swing (as I do) and volleying with them is sublime.

10-28-2008, 12:42 PM
congrats, the 200g is a classical racket, and i believe unique.
do you play with other rackets as well, because i found the transition
and yes, i believe you should have started a new thread:)

10-28-2008, 06:13 PM
How come Mecir never used the Max 200G? No doubt he would have passed the qualification test, had he taken it.

Maybe it's due to his 2HBH?

Big cat was one of my most favorite players, it was such a pleasure to watch him play. Great footwork, elegance and magic. A couple years ago I played one guy who has same serve motion like Mecirs which I noticed at once. After the play we had a good talk about how much we like Mecir.