View Full Version : Yamaha Secret 04

06-12-2004, 07:16 AM
I was wondering if anyone knew the specs of the Yamaha Secret 04. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

06-12-2004, 08:00 PM
i own 4 of these

12.3 oz strung for me
27" long
balance is like 1 or 2 points head light.
16x18 string pattern
rec string 50-60

and thats all i have from my racquet :D
hope it helped


Kick Serve
06-12-2004, 08:06 PM
I played with one for awhile back when they first came out. As I recall it was on the stiff side. The one thing I remember was being able to serve major bombs with that thing. It had a lot of power, could create wicked spin, but just not as much feel as I prefer. I'm sure someone on these boards could dig up the specs for you.

06-13-2004, 04:55 AM
According to an old Thomas Martinez post, the stiffness rating was 80! No wonder you can hit bomb serves with it.

06-13-2004, 05:41 AM
Weight 353 grams, SW 327 grams, RDC 79, balance 31.5. Not sure about the beam width. Still play dubs with a guy who will not switch as nothing current compares to it.

06-13-2004, 10:59 PM
AH yes, the Secret 04. Yamaha's effort in 'copying' the Wilson Profile. As previously said, as stiff as hell. It also had a new, sort of, Teflon coating.

I used the O6. It had more feel & control although still very stiff. We've just had a couple of guys join my club with Secret EX's. They've even got 1 which has never hit a ball and still has its original polybag!