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06-12-2004, 07:55 AM
Anyone ever heard of a 93' c10 pro tour? What are the stats? I can't find them on tw's site. Also if possible compare it to head classic mid.

06-12-2004, 10:14 AM
Yes, I have four of them in good condition I'd be willing to sell. They're a slightly heavier version of the C-10 Pro MP with a slightly smaller head. They're actually basically the same weight as the MP, but less head light; which makes quite a noticeable difference in mobility. Nevertheless, once they get moving, they stay moving. It's not a log like the RD-7, it's an aerodynamic log if that makes sense.

The control is PHENOMENOL withe PT, definitely two notches above the MP. It has perfect directional control, you honestly feel like you can't miss with this racket. And the spin is also very tight and controlled. I get better control with this racket than the Prestige Classic 600 which I have ample experience with, namely because I use heavy spin on my shots and the PT puts more spin on the ball and brings it down into the court better.

Flexibility wise, the PT feels slightly firmer than the MP. It's not a very lively string bed response however. It kind of has a dull sensation on contact. Very little ping, more like a solid dead sounding thud. It feels like you're hitting with a plunk of firm silicone basically.

Power wise, it puts a lot of wood behind the ball so to speak...solid, measure, controlled power due to it being more head heavy than is typical for it's typical player's frame weight (i.e. 12.2 oz. range). Still, it's definitely not a lively racket. It'll give you precisely what you put into it, remarkably stable racket.

It's a better racket than the Prestige if you don't mind a little less power and like a more dampened than crisp feel...equal directional control with much better spin. It's kind of like, do you like playing with a string dampener on your strings? It's kind of like that. Say you take a similar racket, and put a vibration dampener on it. With the vibration dampener on, that's how the C-10 Pro Tour would feel and sound, more muted, more of a thud. Take the vibration dampener off, however, and that's how the Prestige Classic would feel, a little more pingy, a little less dampened, but a little more "raw" ball feedback.

It just depends on what you prefer more, how tender you're elbow is (the PT being better for it), and if you're looking for more spin. Power wise they're comparable.

Cosmetically speaking, they're both nice. Candy apple red and Bumblbee yellow never go out of style.

Overall, I think it's a better racket than the MP because it's soo precise. The log like specs of this stick is not a factor in play like it is with the RD-7, because of the midsize head and aerodynamic dimensions and thin beam width. The PT is a scalpel in the right hands that allows every shot in the book and compromises nowhere...provided you have sound strokes.

06-12-2004, 10:50 AM
I loved the feel of the Volkl C10 Pro tour, in fact i still think that it is Volkl's best players racket in the last 5 or more years. I slighly disagree with the first poster, in that I think the racket plays alot more firm and crisp than the C10 Pro.

The only problem with the frame was it's high Swingweight. I can't remember the exact number, but i think it was in the 340's. The most current racket on the market that swings like the C10 Pro Tour is the Lm prestige Mid. If a racket like the LM prestige suits your game, and you can handle the weight, the C10 Pro Tour is a great racket to consider, and I think it feels and plays even better.

06-12-2004, 12:55 PM
I actually don't care for the C-10 Pro Tours feel. It's too muted. I like more raw ball feed back a la the POG or Prestige Classic. In general though, I do not care for Volkl feel that much. Like they say, it's either a love it or hate it thing. I think it might have more to due with the kidney shaped cross-section, however. I prefer the feel of a box beam construction, which to me feels more solid and less tinny, but the rounded cross sections tend to have a smoother, quieter feel with less feedback from my experience.

It's just a preference thing.

06-13-2004, 09:10 AM
appreciate the great feeback. thanx.