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06-12-2004, 10:28 AM

I have been very happy playing my Ti radical OS. Liking it so much, I'd like to try Midplus too. But I am worried because MP might have even denser string pattern so that generating spin could be more difficult than OS and lacks power. Recently I've tried Ti classic. Very very good racquet but I felt it's a little bit heavier than I like (less forgiving than Ti radical OS but spin was good maybe due to its flex). Has anyone played both OS and MP Ti radicals? Also, I am considering TiMo to enhance the spin generation on my Ti radical. Any other string suggestion? Thanks in advance.


06-12-2004, 03:22 PM
Tenny cant help you much but I have looked a lot on the board about these racquets. The power will be between the Ti.Radical OS and Ti.Classic. If you had no problems playing with the Ti.Classic, spin and power wont be a problem for you with the Ti.Radical MP. Ti.Classic seems to have more flex, but more racquet head speed can be acheived with the Ti.Rad MP so there should be equal spin. The Ti.Radical MP also has a little more power than the Classic. The only bad thing I have heard about it is that its not as stable against hard hitters. HOwever, I think that technique and timing have a lot more to do with hitting hard balls than racquet stability. As far as strings go, I think you'll want something a little softer since I the Radical MP is a bit stiffer compared with the average lower powered players racquet. I'm not a very knowledgeable tennis player lol so I got this info from looking at the different topics on this message board.

BTW, I'm very interested in how the Ti.Classic plays. I also have a Ti.Radical OS. Do you prefer the Classic or the Radical? Is it possible for a 3.5 player like me to use the Classic? How well does it do in terms of spin, serves, groundstrokes, and volleys?I love the Radical too, but it seems like I'm becoming more sloppy with my technique. I picked up my Hyper Hammer 6.6 Midplus the other day and had many off-center shots. I felt like I was being spoiled by using the Rad OS. However, I dont want to use a MP racquet just for the sake of it. Cause I do in fact play better with the Rad OS, but then the main reason is that i like the radical over my 6.6 is that the 6.6 is overpowered.

I'm also very interested in the arm-friendlyness of the Classic...did u experience any arm problems? I dont have any arm problems with the Radical OS but I dont want to develop any either.


06-12-2004, 09:56 PM

Your post is very informative and helpful. I guess I can also contribute some of my impression. But I have to leave now. As soon as I have a chance, I will come back and write. Thanks!


^^. Just came back.
When I played the Ti Classic for the first time, my impression was
1. heavier than Ti Radical (OS). 2. Good feel in my hand (hard to describe). Definitely more demanding than Ti Radical. When I mis-hit, I know it instantly (I say oops! 0.001sec after I mishit) but when I find the sweetspot, it provides great power (not the flying over the fence sort of power. Well controlled penetrating power-good for baseliners?). Similarly dense stringing bed but I found I could generate good spin to my surprise (Good spin but not like Hammer6.2 sort of easiness. I have a Wilson H6 with which spin generation is SO easy though). The Ti Radical's cushioning sensation which I like is slightly less with Ti classic but it seems clear that Ti C is for more advanced players (control oriented racquet). Now, arm (I don't have elbow or shoulder problem but very rarely wrist pain). With Ti C, I had some wrist pain after match although it wasn't that serious. I guess I don't have a good swing physics and I cannot tell whether Ti C is less arm-friendly than Ti radical. If I am 'on' or if I am playing my level players, I really enjoy the TiC (also the silver-metallic appearance I like=Ti radical). But when I play with stronger players, I found myself changing to Ti radical OS. Overall, I concluded TiC is very good racquet (modernize version of PS6.0 95? I am not that well experienced so hard to tell). Maybe I should keep the one I have but sort of want to sell it for a rather silly reason. I have tried many racquets and I feel my best performing racquet is Ti radical OS. I want to settle down with a racquet and want to have confidence rather than having many different racquets and confusing myself during the test process. Confusion! Will be my tennis epitaph... If you are interested in Ti C, it's quite affordable (I bought mine new for $40+SH). I think I can recommend the racquet although I cannot compare it with top level players racquet such as Prestige cause I haven't tried them. Thanks again!

06-13-2004, 07:33 PM
wow, Thanks a lot Tenny! I've done some research on it and asked people...but your post helped the most since it was more detailed and also because you use the same racquet as I do =P. I want to be challenged by the Ti.Classic, but at the same time I know that the Radical OS is probably the better racquet for me. The price to performance ratio and the beautiful paintjob really wants to make me buy one. Yet, I'm really beginning to enjoy the Radical....(it seems to get better the more i hit with it)...I think the Ti.Radical OS is probably one of the best racquets for a 3.5 to 4.5 player. Cheap, pretty solid, manuverable, forgiving, good control, but not so much that you lose power.

O BTW Tenny, what string was in the Ti.Classic? And also what type of string works best in your Rad OS?


06-15-2004, 04:02 PM
Thank YOU.
It seems we have come similar path. I did a little bit of 'search' and found many people have similar feeling about Ti radical. Very good one. I think Ti Classic is definitely worth trying, just wish it's a little bit lighter. I was contacted by someone who has already 3 Ti C and wants to buy another for a tourney. He must like it! Actually, after I posted it for sale, I wished no one would want it (very silly state of mind )

I have it strung with Prince Synth Gut 18 duraplex. Satisfied with its good feel and decent power on Ti Classic (56LB). I'd like to try Ti Radical MP or buy a couple of more Ti Radical OS.

PS) Newbie123, have you tried a POG OS? I have a new one but haven't tried yet. I have another classic PS 6.0 (not 85 but 95). So head light, I feel as if it's very light. I wonder how a legendary POG OS actually plays? Would it impress a Ti Radical OS user like me? Also I ordered a wilson Surge5.1. I feel I almost reached the turning point of my racquet research.

06-15-2004, 05:46 PM
I tried both (MP & OS) but stayed with (with the exception of a brief affair with another racket) the Ti Rad MP. IMO they are not even on the same map they are so different. The OS has a lot more power and a lot less control than the MP. Duhhh.

Seriously, my only real comment has to do with your concern about spin potential with a dense string pattern stick like the TiRadMP. I can put wicked amounts of spin off the ground and on second serves with mine. However, I use an 18g poly/syn gut hybrid which helps some I believe.

IMO...the Ti Rad MP will go down as a real "classic" in the future. I don't know about the OS.

06-16-2004, 09:52 AM
Heh sry cant help you with those racquets. I'm kinda poor....which is the reason I bought the Ti.Radical and am considering the Ti.Classic. =\ I heard the POG OS was an awesome racquet to play with, and very similar to the Ti.Radical. It'll beat the Radical in every category cept in maybe serves and manuverability. THe PS 6.0 95, I heard, was very manuverable and pretty solid. Shots hit in the sweet spot will be awesome, while shots in the upper hoop will be dead and lack power.

Rooski, is the Ti.Radical MP a challenging racquet to play with? I've read your other posts about this racquet...and considering your a 5.0 and I'm only a 3.5, I dont think I can handle the Ti.Radical MP. Also, is the MP a stiff racquet to play with? I heard it was a bit stiff, but how did it compare with the OS in terms of arm friendlyness?


06-16-2004, 04:26 PM
I really like PS 6.0 Feels great (great balance=doesn't feel like 12oz) and also looks great (Looks very professional). I am yet to try my POG OS and find out if it's really THE greatest (or at least one of the best). One thing-I don't like Prince's painting/design job. POG must be great but they paint it cheap. Probably the very first design(Single thick green stripe around the head) was the best among all 3 generations.

BTW, my first Ti radical OS came with Head RIP control (kinda frayed) and I loved it. I tried Wilson Stamina I received for free on it later and it felt like a cheap/light racquet. I think string is very important too. Thanks for the information, guys!

Bertchel Banks
06-20-2004, 08:20 PM
Ti. Radical is a great racket. Great feel, nice flex.

The Ti. Classic has more power and is better at handling pace from powerful opponents. A little heavy though.

I'm currently using the 300G. I found it was a great go between of the two. It was love at first sight...or first hit.