View Full Version : Many racquets for sale!

02-15-2006, 04:48 PM
All these racquets are 4 1/2 grip except the Prokennex. Prices include shipping costs. Paypal payment only and shipment via USPS.

(2) Yonex MP Tour-5: 8.5/10 $110 for both or $60 each
- Yonex Tour Super 850
- Bab Conquest 17

Head LM Instinct: 9.5/10 $65
- NXT 17/ Bab Conquest, mint - no scratches on bumper guard but missing cap of buttcap

Head Ti Radical OS: 7.5-8/10 $50
- synth gut, made in Austria

Please contact me at hochoe@yahoo.com. Have positive feedback here and THE auction site.

javier sergio
02-16-2006, 11:24 AM
TW is selling the Yonex Tour-5 $ 89.95 (new ones), what's you best price for both.

02-18-2006, 09:06 AM
The Ki5 is going to a better home.

02-22-2006, 05:07 PM
MP5 Tours have been lowered to $110 from $120 for both. $60 from $65 for one.

LM Instinct has been lowered to $65 from $75.

Please note that these prices include USPS Priority shipping with delivery confirmation.

Please contact me at hochoe@yahoo.com

02-27-2006, 10:24 AM
I m interested in one of the Yonex MP Tour-5. I propose $50 shipped for a used one of yours.

03-06-2006, 09:43 AM
The LM Instinct has been sold.

03-06-2006, 04:22 PM
What grip size is the Ti Radical?

03-29-2006, 02:59 PM
p2thainoy@gmail.com can u send pics of the mp tour 5's please