View Full Version : For sale: Some old Yonex racquets

02-24-2006, 06:46 AM
1. Yonex Rexking R-22 Midsize. Grip size 4 1/2. Condition - 7.5-8/10 No cracks, still in great playing condition. Slight wear on the frame and moderate wear on the headguard. $50 incl. shipping
2. Yonex Rexking R-27. Midsize Grip size 4 1/8. Condition - 7.5-8/10. No cracks, same condition as the r-22. Same price as well.
3. Yonex RD Ti 70 Midsize 88 sq.in. Grip size 4 1/2. Condition - 9/10. A few paintchips on the top of the frame but nothing besides that. $70 incl. shipping.


No trades please. Prices negotiable, pictures available.