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02-27-2006, 07:24 AM
I got a chance to play with the O3 tour midsize last evening and since not much has been written about it, I thought I'd give my first shot at writing a comparative review.

Background info: 4.5 level player, s&v primarily, currently using the PS 6.0 85.
Both the nsix one 95 (16x18) and O3 tour MS were strung with PSGD at 56 lbs. Since this was just a demo session, I stayed away from my s&v game and tried to be as versatile as possible around the court.

On the serve: I just could not get into my groove with the O3. Being an s&v player, my serve is a very important part of my game and I had a hard time placing the ball where I wanted. Second serves were great though which I attribute to the very open string pattern. As for the n6.1, there was a more uniform response from the stringbed on serves. Being used to stiff wilson racquets, I might be slightly biased in favour of the n6.1
Verdict: n6.1 85/100, O3 tour 75/100

Groundstrokes: This is a tough one. While the n6.1 is very solid in a counterpunching rally, the O3 tour is much easier to swing and delivers a lot more topspin. Perhaps it was the thinner beam, may be it was the o3 holes on the sides of the racquet, but sliced BHs were much better on the O3 tour.
Verdict: O3 tour 80/100, n6.1 75/100

Volleys: There is no doubt about this one, the n6.1 outperforms the O3 tour by a long shot. Volleying with the n6.1 is a very sweet experience. Ball placement and depth are accurate and the racquet stability can only be compared to the 6.0s. As for the O3 tour, while I had about the same punch on my volleys as the n6.1, the feel was missing and the racquet definitely lacked stability.
O3 tour 70/100, n6.1 85/100

There are other aspects like return of serve and feel/comfort that I have not covered but I have to get back to work too :) Overall, I'd say the the O3 tour Midsize will be well suited for a baseliner who puts a lot of topspin into his shots and tends to stay away from the net. With some lead at the 3/9 positions, I think some stability can be incorporated but I still don't see this racquet belonging in the hands of a true s&v type player.

If there are any s&v players who found this to be untrue, do feel free to comment.

02-27-2006, 10:39 AM
Thanx for imput. I take it that the MS is not some reincarnation of the Diablo Mid. Since i'm predominantly a baseliner, guess i'll go ahead with current order of a couple of the O3 Tour OS.

02-27-2006, 10:49 AM
O3 mid and Diablo mid do not feel similar at all.

I think this review is pretty spot on.

02-27-2006, 10:59 AM
Let me add this to the review:

I have played with the Diablo Mid as well but its been a while (over a year) so my memory may not serve me correctly.

To classify the o3 tour as a mid is quite incorrect, atleast from the purist standpoint. while the diablo mid has pretty much all the attributes of a midsize frame with the exception of feel, the o3 tour is lacking in a lot of areas that you would expect from a mid.

As a regular net approacher, I would have no problems playing with the diablo mid except that once you have set your eyes on paradise (the 6.0 85), earth no longer holds a place for you....