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Tim Tennis
06-16-2004, 03:36 AM
Hi guys,

In talking with one of my customers I mentioned I was recovering from a recent hamstring injury. He raved about Bromelain and how since he had been taking it all of his soreness and injury problems have disappeared. If you read what you can find out about it on the Internet it sounds like the cure all miracle anti- inflammatory. Anyone here tried it? Anyhow I have ordered some and I am going to give it a try.

You got to love the game.

06-20-2004, 11:43 PM
Sounds great - but why not just eat fresh pineapple ?

Tim Tennis
06-21-2004, 03:29 AM

Good point, but from what I have read they derive the enzyme from the stem of the pineapple. That seems to be where it is concentrated. I have been taking it for about two days now so we shall see what happens.

06-22-2004, 06:29 PM
yes, please let me know how well it works

10-12-2009, 03:54 AM
In the past I've mostly used Bromelain for it's digestive support. However, it does seem to have a variety of other uses, including joint health. Definitely let us all know how it works out for you. As someone else mentioned, it is derived from the stem of the pineapple, so you can't just easily get bromelain by eating lots of pineapple. There is some bromelain (http://www.seacoastvitamins.com/product_info.php?products_id=5176) in the fruit itself, but it's more concentrated in the stem. It's definitely a great supplement with a variety of uses.

El Diablo
10-12-2009, 04:36 AM
Enzymes are polypeptides, i.e. proteins, which means they are degraded and digested into amino acid fragments if consumed orally. Thus, they cease to be enzymes.

10-12-2009, 06:03 AM
vitalzyn is another so-called miracle enzyme that another player recommended to me to help cure muscle tears or to solve GI issues.

10-12-2009, 04:27 PM
Bromelain may indeed have anti inflamatory properties, but it also appears to have some side effects as well.
"Some experts suggest that bromelain may cause drowsiness or sedation and may increase the amount of drowsiness caused by some drugs. Examples include benzodiazepines such as lorazepam (Ativan®) or diazepam (Valium®), barbiturates such as phenobarbital, narcotics such as codeine, some antidepressants, and alcohol. Caution is advised while driving or operating machinery."
"In theory, use of bromelain with blood pressure medications in the "ACE inhibitor" class, such as captopril (Capoten®) or lisinopril (Zestril®), may cause larger drops in blood pressure than expected."
"In theory, bromelain may increase the risk of bleeding when taken with drugs [aspirin, coumadin] that increase the risk of bleeding."