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03-05-2006, 05:47 PM
I need some more help. I demo'd some frames a few weeks back (LM radical OS, LM instict MP, Prince TT Warrior OS/MP). http://tt.tennis-warehouse.com/showthread.php?t=84543&highlight=warrior+instinct+radical

I really liked the warrior MP but had some arm pain just above the elbow - I don't know if it was the stiffness or just playing more than I'm used to due to the demo's. I normally play once a week doubles. I like to serve and volley as much as possible.

So I decided to go a little less stiff and concentrate on the mid-plus size. So I tried the Volk Tour 9 V-engine 16 x 19 mp, Prince NXG graphite mp, Head LM radical mp. I wanted to try the PK kinetic 5g but got the 7g cause the 5g wasn't available and they looked very similar by spec other than the 27.5" length.

I only played 1 doubles and 1 singles session but I don't have the dead arm feeling I got before with the warrior. I really liked the T9-ve - it was very maneuverable and felt pretty solid. The NXG had a very strange muted (?) feel to it. It took a bit getting used to but felt like I had very good control. I served with it late in the singles session and it felt a bit heavy at that point. I really wanted to like the PK 7g but I struggled with control - don't know if it was the extra length or just in my head. Can a 1/2" make that much difference?

Now I know this is very shallow and dumb on my part but as much as I liked the volk, I really don't care for it's looks. Can anyone tell me how the T10-ve mp compares - especially on serve power and maneuverability at net. I know it's a bit heavier but reviews I've read say it is pretty good on both counts.

Also, has anyone compared the 5g to 7g to know how similar they play?

Thanks very much.

03-06-2006, 06:02 AM
Nobody has an opinion:confused:

Can anyone comment on Volk 10-VE midplus compared to the 9-VE - especially w.r.t. serving power and manueverability.

Also, can anyone comment on the Prokennex Kinetic 5g compared to the 7g? I had a hard time with control with the 7g but don't know if it's related to the extra length, or just that racket type.


03-06-2006, 06:23 AM
i played with the tour 9 v engine for a while (16x19) and thought that it was alright. There was a couple of things that changed my thoughts about it. I began to find it very unpredictable trying to get any spin on the ball. I would go through the normal motions of hitting my shots and sometimes i would impart spin and other times the ball would fly into the back fence. In the end i had no confidence in hitting my shots and so i got rid of them. It was a shame becuse i quite liked them other than that. I know what your saying too about the way they look, its definately a hurdle to get over, i didn't have to pay for mine so i could live with it, but if i was parting with money i don't think i would have even demoed them.
The tour 10 v engine is by far a better racket. More comfortable, better spin potential and in my opinion not much less powerful. If your considering the v engine i would also give the tour 10 gen 2 a try as well. I like this one even more, its a bit more whippy, slightly less stiff feeling and i think a bit more forgiving, oh and i looks great too.

louis netman
03-06-2006, 06:59 AM
T10 VE is an able serving weapon (like all the 10 series Volkls). Can't compare it with the 9 VE though (wasn't able to get near that scary looking thing). In addition, and to obtain more racquet head speed, one has the ability to shave off some of the bumper material to make it more HL. I liked it stock with leather when I had one for experimental purposes.

5g vs 7g - yes, the added 1/2" on the 7g makes it handle differently on the court. 7g, although a bit more cumbersome with its added length and sand shaking around has more pop and serves better, but not great (due primarily to the extra 1/2"). IMO, both require lead and the 5g is severely anemic in stock form. Not a great serving stick, although if you're accomplished can get the job done. I believe it may be the kinetic pellets shifting counter to the service motion, thus causing some decrease in momentum and transfer of mass during this stroke in particular. In terms of arm friendliness: whether it is increased flex or the use of kinetic pellets, comfort always comes at the sacrifice of power. Both rackets have plenty of margin for customization, however and are arm friendly sticks of a less flexible variety...

03-06-2006, 07:53 AM
Thanks Nagaul and Netman
[QUOTE=louis netman]T10 VE is an able serving weapon (like all the 10 series Volkls). Can't compare it with the 9 VE though (wasn't able to get near that scary looking thing).

So you would consider the T10 VE a nicer serving rig than the 5g? And the Volk would still be considered arm friendly?

Is the racket yellow or gold? The Voelk web site looks gold http://www.voelkl-tennis.com/cms/front_content.php?client=1&lang=1&idcat=30&idart=46&m=&s= but it appears yellow on the TW site http://www.tennis-warehouse.com/viewlarge.html?PCODE=T10MPV

louis netman
03-06-2006, 08:05 AM
The Volkl will serve circles around the PK. It is arm-friendly, but also realize that strings contribute equally in the comfort equation... It is yellow (not gold) with a silver throat beam...