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03-07-2006, 03:58 AM
I enjoyed your review on the Yonex RDS 001. What are your final thoughts on the racket, and did you upgrade?

Thanks in advanced!

03-07-2006, 06:20 AM
After some more play time, I wouldn't really change too much of my initial review / impressions, but here is how I would tweak it. It really is a quite simple trade-off of improved power at the cost of some touch, feel, and comfort when comparing the RDS MP vs. the RDX MP. The RDS can be a little uncomfortable (harsh is too strong a description) on shots hit near the sides of the frame and the racket does not volley nearly as nicely as the RDX MP, however (as previously stated) the RDS serves bigger and overall is a slightly more powerful weapon. So if you liked the RDX MP but thought it a bit too underpowered, you'll probably really like the RDS MP. If, however, the RDX's power level is sufficient for you, then you will probably prefer the touch and feel of the RDX over the RDS.
I recently demoed the Wilson nBlade and here is how I would compare these two fine frames:
Serves - RDS serves a heavier ball
Forehand – RDS, felt like I had better depth control with the Yonex
Backhand – Blade, able to generate better racket head speed, better slice backhands
Note: my forehands and backhands have different swingspeeds, so it is not unusual for me to prefer a certain racket for one wing and visa versa
Volleys – Blade, more maneuverable and forgiving with better touch
Approach shots/Midcourt balls – draw, both frames shine in this dept.
Power – draw, you get out what you put in
Control – pretty even, although I may prefer the Blade’s denser string pattern
Maneuverability - Blade, a little surprising considering the Blade's SW and balance point
Comfort – Blade, very comfortable
Touch/Feel - Blade
As points of reference I guess I think the RDS-001 MP plays similar to the Tecnifibre T-Fight 315, while the nBlade plays like a 300G that has been made much more comfortable with better control from the dense string pattern.
Both are really nice rackets, having a hard time deciding. I rely quite a bit on my serve and forehand to win free points, so the RDS is a nice comlement, however it seems I don't have to give up too much in those departments to get all the added comfort and maneuverability the nBlade has to offer across the board. Too close to call...(Hope this helps and doesn't confuse things further.)