View Full Version : Tennis Racquet Ratings Available?

03-25-2006, 08:33 AM
I am planning to sell some racquets and I am having some trouble rating racquets on a scaling system. (1-10) Are there any requirements and standards to define these parameters? If so, can someone post this and make it a sticky so that all the sellers and buyers can make reference to?

Examples are like the following:


9 to 10 = Racquet has less than 3 paint chips and minor scratches are apparent. Racquet is close to if not in near mint condition.
7 - 8.9 = Racquet has 4 to 7 paint chips. Racquet has scratches and no physical damage (no cracks nor dents) which can affect playability.
5 - 6.9 = Racquet has more than 8 paint chips. Racquet has scratches and again no physical damage. Again dings are cosmetic only and will not affect playability....
3 - 4.9 = Racquet has alot of paint chips, playabilty may be affected due to physical condition of racquet.
1 - 2.9 = Racquet used by Johnny Mac in a heated disccusion on Umpire Calls. Play at your own risk....

03-26-2006, 01:49 PM
I guess
10 would be brand new, unused.
9.5 would be used but can not tell the difference.
9 would be couple noticable scratches on the grommets frame.
8.5 more scratches... from then on its just your own oppinion how on how badly the scratches are.