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06-21-2004, 09:17 PM
It really sucks to live in small and screwed country like mine where average salary is 580 $ and 1 package of Prince Duraflex 17 costs 15 $. I guess I will order big from TW this time. That is why I need opinions.
I'm 25 years old, 1.90 cm, 86 kg and playing tennis (recreation) for 17 years (not constantly). Im NTRP 4.5-5.0. Im playing with Hyper ProStaff 6.1 18x20. I dont play much (1-2 times a week) but when I play I expect to play a good match. I would say im not sting breaker (I was when I was playing Pure drive, but far from stories I read here). I like tennis & like to experiment with my strokes, but regading offer I have in my country I didnt have privilege to experiment with different strings etc.
Now Im playing Prince 1.30 Topspin plus and I think is ok, but I got a feeling there is place for improvement.
In my country there is no Kirschbaum or Klip or Alpha or something, but since i will order from TW thats not a problem so please suggest everything that is selling here.

I was thinking to order Lux Ti-mo 18 & Prince Duraflex 17 strings and to hybrid them. I dont break strings, that Duraflex 17 lasted me some time, and then I cut it and put something else to try. I would need hybrid that can string easily cause I dont want many string job failures.
From hybrid I also expect softness (dont want kevlar and stuff), Im not imune to elbow pain (had it several times, not recently). Of course I need something with good spin (most immportant), nice control & feel etc. Regarding durability I expect like 5-6 sets of strong play BUT I dont want my strings to go dead. Im not forced to go poly, just need something with nice characteristics but still affordable and durable.
Im sure duralast 17 is great string, Im not sure will Timo 18 will be ok for me regarding my requests.

So I got 2 doubts:

1) MAINS - Like I said Timo 18,I guess that is best 18 gauge string, I think it will last longer than duralast (correct me). Anything else should I try?

2) CROSSES - Duralast 17 seems ok, price is ok, lasted me for some time before. Any other synthetic should I try, anything better? Will timo 18 bite duralast fast? Should I take duralast 16?

So please, share your wisdom with me 8-).


06-22-2004, 11:35 AM
If your going to try TiMO and want to hybrid, spend little more and order some Bow Brand Natural Gut ($18)and put it in the mains and TiMO in the crosses. Believe me, you want be disappointed. You get the feel/power from the gut and control from the TiMO. By the way, what country are you from?

06-22-2004, 12:33 PM
Tnx for a tip. I will put some Bow in my order I guess.
Im from Croatia.