View Full Version : SIMILAR GRIP to: ---> babolat vs original?

03-29-2006, 12:47 AM
this is the current grip i was testing out.. and it's quite nice.

a long time ago, i used to play with yonex super grap, so i gave it a shot and purchased it online(my pro shop only carried the Babolat VS).

to my suprise, yonex super grab feels so rubbery and ultra tacky!

i guess i got used to the slightly tacky, softer, microseude feel of the babolat VS... I dont like the Yonex as much as i did in the past.

so any suggestions on overgrips like the Babolat VS original? how does the Wilson Pro Overgrip compare to the Babolat and the Yonex?

thanks in advance guys.