View Full Version : Yonex Super RD Comp? Too little power?

04-06-2006, 07:36 AM
Anyone use this racquet? I want a lower power, more flexible racquet, and slightly heavier than my 300G but from what I've calculated the power level is insanely low. I'm afraid I'll have to hit 10 feet over the net just to get depth. I'm hoping for more control with the lower power, but not sure how low I can go. It wouldn't hurt to be more arm friendly as well.

I've used the RDX 500 mid and mp and liked them both. Control was excellent with the mid and the MP had nice pop AND spin. The MP fit me well, but the SW was a bit higher than I wanted. The mid head was too small and it was also strung too tight, so I had very little power except when I occassionally "connected" on a serve or FH. May have been missing the sweetspot too often? I also played with the i.Rad MP but dumped it b/c it lacked spin.

Here's how I calculated power level: SW*Head*Stiffness
To give you an example of a powerful racquet, the PureDrive = 2343

RDX 500 mid: 1717 (strings too thick, strung too tight, too little power, pinpoint control!)
MP: 1914 (moderate power, decent control, great spin, too heavy)
300G: 1881 (strung tight [kevlar], too much power or too little spin, too light?)
i.Rad MP: 1862 (very little spin, decent power/control, nice SW [297])
i.Rad OS: 2003(way too much power, very little spin, decent SW [302]).

RD: 1597 (57 stiffness, 95 head, 295 SW [good!], expecting lots of spin, but is there enough power?)
I could always add weight or string looser. I can also get it cheap. The question is will I have to swing so hard that I lose control? With a SW lower than my 300G I can swing as fast or faster and not hold back. I can't swing-out with the 300G except on flat serves. When I swing out now I have little to no spin. With the RDX's spin was ALWAYS there.

04-06-2006, 10:50 AM
Not everyone at once!! lol.

I think the power could be up around the RDX mid anyway with the bigger headsize and some multi strings. My racquets feel way too powerful anyway especially when hitting brand new balls.

04-06-2006, 10:56 AM
Screw it, I'm gonna buy it. The temptation to hit topspin like nobody's business is far too great. I'll put lead on it if I need to. It doesn't make sense to me why so many people use such powerful frames. Serves I guess? I guess that matters at higher levels but I'm a 3.5 just trying to get more balls in and I want spin and less power for my groundstrokes, esp short balls w/ the FH. That is my strength so I feel I should cater to it more than anything else.