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04-10-2006, 08:35 AM
I need some opinion on rackets.

My level:
I am rated 4.4 by the teaching pros in my club. But I think that the ratings are inflated so my level is probably 4.

Rackets that I used in the past:
Main Racket: Prince Graphite - Michael Change Long Body (27.5 and 107)
Backup: Wilson Hammer Tour MP (95)

Why I choose to change:
The extra length of the POG felt like cheating and I thought that the racket was light and my backhand was lacking pace, placement and control. The hammer's felt terrible (too head heavy). Chose them a year ago, when I did not know what head light meant :)

What have I purchased (used and new):
POG Midsize (93) - 4 1/2 - Prince topsin 15L @58
O3 Tour MP (100) - 4 3/8 Gosen OS Sheep 17 @61
Wilson six-one tour (90) - 4 3/8 - Luxilon Big Banger ALU Power Rough 16L @54

For my level and what tennis warehouse etc. recommends, I thought that O3 would be a great fit. I demo'ed them at the tennis-warehouse stall/shop at Pacific Life Open along with the tour 90 and felt that O3 Tour suits me the best. The ntour 90's weight/balance felt right, however I thought that I may not have the skill to weild it. I read a lot about the raves of POG and its arm friendliness and thought, well I should try this as it may play somewhat similar to POG OS that I have been using.

I have a loose grip and tend to hold the racket even more loosely until the last moment while serving (right or wrong I do it). Another strange thing (which I can't explain why) is by tennis-warehouse description of grip measurement etc, I am 4 5/8+ (my hands are large - esp. fingers are long) However I feel most comfortable with 4 3/8 and the wilson white overgrip, somehow feels like it lets me be whippy and just feels right. I don't know if this is wrong thing to do, but I have stuck to it.

I tried each of the rackets for couple of hours or more across multiple (4-6 session) and here is my take:

POG, right away I felt that I do not have the skill to use this. I could not do anything right with this racket. The pace of my serves (which lets me win lots of free points), the power of forehand were all gone and my weaker but half decent backhand felt even worse. Don't know if the string was too thick of the tension too high, but this I could not play well at all. So barely after two sessions, this was easy to eliminate.

Ntour 90, I was initially skeptical about my ability to use this racket well, it has surprised me the most. I would have loved to get a larger frame (I think that the MP's are better choice than MS) as I had played for a few weeks with a Wilson HPS 6.1 MP and had loved its heft. The control, power and spin generated by this ntour 90 is great, also my serves are accurate and fast, I love it. I can swing away and the ball does not sail.

O3 Tour MP, this I thought was going to be my holy grail and somehow want it to be. I like the O Port technology, seems more tangible than the bogus n-code :). I did not want the MS version. However it feels too light and I am not able to serve well. The feel is good and the ground strokes are nice however something is lacking and I am not knowledgeable enough to figure out what. So I decided try customization yesterday, applied lead tape to do this frame, 9g combined evenly spread (3g each) at 9,3,6 'o' clock. Plays even worse now (did not attempt even to try the serves) I am sure I have done it wrong, will post a separate question to learn/ask about this. Will try the John Cauthen method tomorrow.

I will try to give the O3 a little bit more time, however based on the above, I may end up with the ntour 90. The main draw back of ntour 90, the same heft that I like is also the enemy and my arms tire out if I have to play 2+ hrs (for 1hr based on my ability, the stick feels great). And yes, I purchased these frames as opposed to getting demos' is because it gives me the luxury of time to choose also coupled with the fact there is a decent market for used frames before I zero in on my choice.

So I want to hear comments/opinions from others who may have been in similar situations. Anything else that is obvious that I have missed out on. What should I do to the O3 (give it more time, add weight, try the MS - that will cost me) or based on what I have described so far, should I just give up and stick to the ntour 90 because it works?

04-10-2006, 06:55 PM
Can someone share some thoughts while chosing from:

POG Midsize (93) - 4 1/2 - Prince topsin 15L @58
O3 Tour MP (100) - 4 3/8 Gosen OS Sheep 17 @61
Wilson six-one tour (90) - 4 3/8 - Luxilon Big Banger ALU Power Rough 16L @54

Is there any customization (lead or otherwise) to get a ntour 90 like stability and feel from O3 Tour MP?

Any other string/tension combo to get better response from the O3 tour?

How long should I test the rackets, do you try them at the same time or do you test each stick for a few days individually before you decide?

Please share your thougts.