View Full Version : leather replacement grip

05-17-2006, 09:52 AM
Hi friends, just before 2 hours i replace the original grip of my Head radical flexpoint 98 with leather replacement grip Babolat .....

My grip is 4 3/8 and now is like 4 1/2 ......

Is this normal ? leather grip is thicker than simple replacement grip ?

Pls any comennts are helpful ....


05-17-2006, 01:37 PM
Yes, if you do a search, people will say it is bigger. Leathers are thicker and a bit heavier. I have the wilson leather and feels great. Just make sure you get an overgrip.

05-17-2006, 02:13 PM
I actually think many leathers are thinner than their synthetic counterparts, but they just deform less, giving a larger overall grip size...

05-17-2006, 11:14 PM
when you replace your grip with a leather, you have to pull the leather grip tight while you circle around the handle. By doing this the leather will sit and tight on your handle.the second option is prestrech the grip. Hope you solve the problem, and feel your original grip size