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05-21-2006, 08:26 AM
Today I played a tournament at my tennis academy. This tournament is to 9 games. I donīt know why every time I play this tournament I start losing and I try to recover. But, today I played two matches in a row. I lost both.
The first one was hard I lost 9-6, but I started losing 7-1. In the second match it started 5-5, we had to continue this match because yesterday it was suspended due to light. So I started this match very tired because of the prior match. I couldnīt make a good serve or a good forehand. I had no time to recover because the match was sooooo short so I lost 9-6 again.
Also my backhand is very bad I canīt get used to the one handed so I only make slices but that didnīt work either in both matches.

It was terrible.....