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07-02-2004, 07:28 PM
I have been demoing the Yonex RDX 500 and the Prince Diablo. Both scored highly in the TW reviews. A couple of caveats - My elbow is not completely well yet, so I'm serving with essentially a straight arm and can't hit spin serves and I played today after taking the kids to Water World, so I was pretty tired. Also my slice backhand has deserted me no matter what racket I used. I have lately been using my 20th Anniv. POG with a lot of weight on it. Both rackets are over an ounce lighter than what I have been using.

The Diablo is a strange feeling racket. I think of a block of rubber so hard that it doesn't bend, but damps out almost all the vibration. It does feel quite a bit like my old CTS Graduate 90, but ligher, stiffer, and yet more damped. Even though it is so damped, I can still get a good feel for the ball. Strange, yet good.
The RDX500 did have that usual Yonex somewhat springy metallic feel to it. The Yonex does seem to pocket the ball and throw it, something the TW review pointed toward. Not irritatingly, like a Vokl Catapult, but comfortably and controllably.

For groundstrokes, I think I got a little more power out of the Diablo, especially on the forehand. I had a lot of troubles getting the racket face angled on the backhand with the Diablo (into the net, then high into the fence). It could be the 2 overwraps on it to build the demo's grip up, but I didn't have that trouble with the Yonex in the same condition. Both rackets provided a lot of spin when I tried to hit with big spin (I generally hit flattish with my Continental grip). The Diablo seemed to do a bit better with big flat forehands. I felt the Yonex was more comfortable on touch shots, angled spin shots, etc.

Volleys were very nice with both. I think I volleyed better with the Diablo. I got more power with it and it seemed more solid. Once again, the Yonex seemed to have more touch, and certainly enough power to stick a volley. I thought the Yonex might have been more maneuverable.

I seemed to return serve with the Yonex better, probably again because it felt more maneuverable. Still, the Diablo was good.

I was surprised how much power I got from serving with both these rackets. Maybe I got a few more 1st serves in with the Yonex. Even with an abbreviated swing, using just wrist and hip I could get the velocity into the 100's with either racket. Without a full swing, I couldn't get much faster with my normal heavier rackets.

As far as match play, the results were similar with both rackets. After I was done testing and then played with my regular rackets for a test, I went to the Yonex. I think it was a bit easier on my (by that time) quite tender elbow.

If I'm playing well and hitting hard I might go with the Diablo. If I'm not on, I would go with the Yonex.

Also, I have some questions. How sensitive is the Yonex to string type and tension? It seems like it could be sensitive to that. Does it eat strings quickly? What about the Diablo and strings?

07-03-2004, 02:29 AM
I'm planning on giving my RDX 500 mid a full test this weekend. After a quick hit the other day I will say it's definately feels stiffer than the RD ti-50 and alot softer then the MP Tour1 mid-plus. The RDX 500 mid feels less 'metallic' than the Tour 1 mid-plus imo. Like all other Yonex sticks I've tried, spin is very easy to produce.

I'll post a more detailed playtest next week.

marty fewcott
07-03-2004, 03:15 AM
NLBwell, useful info, but please let us know which head sizes you refer to.

AAAA. I used to use a Ti-50, now use an RDX500 Mid. For me the 500 mid is powerful for a midsize. Unweighted it gives me about 20% more length versus a leaded Ti-50. Only the extra spin and feel of the 500 saved it from going on ****! Couple of words of advice. With the supplied (Yonex) damper the 500 hurt my elbow. A big "4 block" damper solved the problem. The standard strings frayed and broke quicker than any string I've used before. String breakage is not normally a problem to me.

07-03-2004, 09:10 AM
Marty, Thanks for the comments. I still have the factory string job in mine and those strings are too powerful for my swing. Yes the 500 mid is powerful. However I'm really surprised how little difference there is in head size between a 90" and a 98". When I put my 500 mid against a Fischer Pro #1 98" the difference in head size is less than the thickness of the frame.

If you're still checking this thread do you think the TW review is a fair reflection of this frame? I'm not so sure.

07-03-2004, 03:49 PM
I am demoing the Diablo this weekend. My take as follows:

1)Swings a LOT lighter than its weight suggest, especially when compared to a racquet like the HPS 6.1;
2)Excellent control overall. Point and click, easy to create spin on both wings or flat it out for a winner.
3)Off center shots were not brutally penalized (compared to the 85 original) sometimes I was able to stay in the point. The stringbed seemed to be quite "forgiving" for a players frame.
4)Volleys felt great and creating angles was no problem as well.
5)Slice backhands were smooth but not the best part of this racquet, but it can be worked;
6)Serves were wonderful, first with plenty of pop and second with plenty of kick.
7)I was able to acquire a bit more power (compared to the 85), yet comtrolable power.
I still have to play more matches and see what happens, since first day with new stick is usually "too good'. Hope this helps.

07-03-2004, 07:19 PM
Both the RDX 500 and the Diablo I tested were Mids.

Playing with them today, I had more problems adjusting my swing to the lighter swingweight. Especially with the Yonex. The heads kept coming through quicker than I expected. Probably because I didn't gradually transition from my heaviest frame (weighted POG) through my lighter rackets. I did much more volleying today and was especially pleased with the Diablo.

I asked about the strings because the pattern looks a lot like my old 1980's Kennex Black Ace - very open. That racket ate strings like a monster. I was constantly stringing them (though they were great rackets with excellent spin).

marty fewcott
07-05-2004, 12:33 PM
AAAA, my comment on the TW review would be:

Do people really use 17g strings in spin friendly Yonex rackets? Sounds expensive unless your name is Lleyton or you string-it-yourself.

Must have missed this "Buttery Feel" thing. Mine now has TNT2 16 @ 60lbs and I still wouldn't go anywhere without a 4 block dampener. The vibration seems to be at the wrong frequency for my taste.

Agree with them that there is "good" power for a mid, and a large (relatively) sweet spot. Your observation on the headsize could be true. Maybe they are trying to label it to associate with the SRD Tour 90? Perhaps it's really a 92 or 93?

07-05-2004, 07:52 PM
I definitely felt the vibration in the Yonex, especially compared to the Diablo, but I liked the feel of the racket a lot. I could feel the ball on the strings and feel what the racket was doing.