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07-05-2004, 03:48 AM
Here is a question for all the POG mid users. Do you experience much more string breakeage with this frame because of it's highly open string pattern? My POG mid is on the way and I have a Luxilon Bigbanger Original reel at home so I think that with this string the breaking won't be so obvious because these strings seem to last forever in my Prostaff Classic 6.1. I love that string. Share some of your experiences on this topic.


07-05-2004, 09:28 AM
It will eat syngut strings pretty quickly. I have Poly Polar in my mains and they have lasted a very long time. The only problem with polyester in Prince rackets is that there is a sharp angle between some of the holes on the outside of the racket and the poly can pop there. I only had this problem at very high tensions ~70(lbs).

07-05-2004, 03:57 PM
I tend to break 18g strings much more frequently with my POG mid. 17g is probably the smallest gauge string I can use with my POG. String breakage has alot to do with the way you hit the ball, spin, power....etc.

07-06-2004, 01:24 AM
hi drummerboy

delighted to see that you went for a new POG mid.

i have not found string breakage to be a problem with your BB Original.

i use either gut or multifillament strings, 16 or 17g, usually strung between 58 and 62lbs.

gut wears pretty quickly, but gut does anyway. i used BDE Rallye 16 (60lbs) on a clay court once and it was heavily fraying at the end of 3 sets. i put this down to the fact that i was hitting with much more topspin that usual (i tend to play on artificial grass and hit flat). i gave the BDE a poor review after that but it must have been a bad batch or the heavy topspin because i gave it a second chance (hitting flatter) and it wears better, although still not great.

Gamma TNT2, both 16g and 17g, are very good IMO, and wear well, holding tension nicely, good pop, soft (if you like that which I do). Technifibre NRG2 16g not so good, and am about to try Prince Premier softflex 16g.

So all the strings I've used are softer than your BB, but I hit flat. i don't think the POG will cause any major problems. if you hit with heavy topspin, then you are probably going to be a string breaker anyway, and the BB is probably a good choice for you.

Let us know how you get on with you POG. If you bought it from TW, I bet you're tracking that FedEx package online!


07-06-2004, 02:07 AM
Cheers guys.
Hi louis. Well I think I can't go wrong with this stick because I am much more into classical frames anyway. Well now I see that the breakeage won't be such a big problem for me because I am not so much of a top spiner and I like to hit a lot of fast flat balls. I am playing with BB Original for quite some time now and kinnda got used to it. I know that many guys don't like it but imo it's a great string and I can get away with not spending so much money for the strings because I am just a poor student lol. How is the POG mid doing with the flatter strokes?

I will let you know how the new frame feels. Actually I bought it on e-bay from some guy who has an **** store and he is selling just the classical frames. The frame is new and I think it is a version with a single green stripe. It must be a terrific stick. Will let you know.


07-06-2004, 08:19 AM
hi drummerboy

imo, the POG excels with flat strokes. it does a pretty good job on topspin too, and is great with slice (particularly chip and charge backhands). i find the feeling you get from this frame addictive. it is so solid feeling. you get into position, take a big backswing, hit that sweetspot and wallop. you get a great thumping sound from it, but the best bit...the ball falls just under 1/2 foot inside the baseline every single time (well, almost!). and that is with a stock frame.

you'd do well to stick with your BB Original at the same tension that you currently use. keeping the strings consistent with what you're used to should help you get to know the POG better and probably quicker. i'm sure you know all this, but if you change strings too at the outset, you might find yourself a little lost, not knowing whether the differences (good or bad) are due to string or racquet. the BB Original is a fine string, and if you like it, stick to it (forget what anyone else tells you about it). if you do at some time want to change string, my tip would be to do so once you are familiar with the POG so that you can then compare the new string to you BB independently of the POG itself.

anyway, it's all very personal. i found my holy grail with the POG. i then got curious and tried different strings, tensions, lead, leather grips, synthetic grips, overgrips, dampeners etc. i had fun doing it, making one change at a time. i took me a few months, but i have found my holy grail. but as stock it is pretty darn good.

looking forward to seeing your POG review post.


07-06-2004, 12:04 PM
Thanks louis. Will post my review soon. Just one more question for you but it is a little off topic. What is the best overgrip in your opinion? I am using some Head overgrip now but it can get slipery at times especially when the sweating is really intense. I heard that Wilson Tourna overgrips are great. What do you think?


07-07-2004, 02:46 AM
I have whittled it down to 2.

1. Tournagrip XL (blue). A favourite with many. A new Tournagrip feels great, and the TW prices for packs of 30 make them very good value for us Europeans. It does a great sweat soaking job and has good tack, IMO. That said, they wear quicker than others, they don't have a tapered end for the butt cap, and the regular length ones are a little short. The extra length of the XL is better.

2. Pacific Softy Grip (yellow, but comes in various). Not seen on it TW's website, only the X-Tack. It is the usual thickness, same as Tournagrip. It is a bit smoother and softer. It has a tapered end and a sticky bit to attach to the butt cap for easier wrapping. Great absorption, and lasts well. Only disadvantage is that it is hard to find and I have never seen it bulk-sold. It is a brand big in Germany. There is a shop in London where I get it from (Wigmore Sports).

These both have a familiar feel I personally like.

Undergrips were as much of an issue for me. The dye ran from Prince Premier leather grips which came as standard. I replaced them with Fairway leather grips (there's a racquet tech in London who seems to have bought virtually all the stock just after Bamforth stop making the Fairway grips - he has loads, or did last year). I wanted something softer to help an old shoulder injury, so I went for the Prince Air Cushion. Keep the leather one on yours if you can/if it has one.

07-07-2004, 02:48 AM
Forgot to say, haven't tried the Wilson. Volkl grips are meant to be pretty good too, though have no personal knowledge.

07-14-2004, 12:58 PM
Sorry to bump this thread guys. Hey louis I got my POG mid two days ago. I bought it on e-bay and it arrived pretty quickly. It is completely new with 4 1/2 grip and it is from the year of 1987 as it says on the frame. It is the version with the four parallel green lines. I strung it with BB Original at 24 kg.

I have taken it to the test drive and because I am no pro reviewer I will give you just my brief findings.

Groundstrokes: it fells very solid and I couldn't believe the amount of spin I could get from my strokes. With 18x20 pattern I was used to hitting flat but now I hit mainly with a lot of hard topspin. My dbl-hander was bad and now it is getting some form. I found that you must be well on the ball and hit it well in the sweetspot for the heavy shots. Slice was also great and the back rotation was awesome.

volleys: well I still have to found the right groove with this stick on the volleys. I think it can be a good volley stick also. I was used to Wilson Prostaff Classic 6.1 which was very solid and punchy with the volleys. The overheads were very solid with POG.

Serve: I was a flat server but now I see that POG is great for slice serve and I will be slicing my serves more now.

So in the overall I can say that this is the best stick I ever played with . It has so unique feel that no other racquet can come close too. I just played a good match to some agressive volley player who used to attack my backhand a lot but today he was getting some high quality passing shots lol. Pog is an ideal stick for the agressive baseliner who likes to go to the net when he gets a short ball or sees and opening.

Thank you louis for pointing me in the right direction. Thanks to the gm also who is a great POG guru. I think I am gonna be enjoying playing with this stick very much.

See ya