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melzer federer
06-05-2006, 04:57 AM
I have returned from Paris, and the French Open.
I went 3 days. The first Sunday, Monday, and on Wednesday.
These are my opinions on what I experienced. NOTE this will be
done through multiple posts, as I am now working.

I will spare you my opinion on the French in general and try to keep it
to the Open.

I stayed near the US Embassy, about 3 blocks away, and took the
train to and from Roland Garros. I must say, I liked the subway
better than the subway in NY. Smoother ride, a bit cleaner.

Now to the French Open. I watched Kiefer practice for a while, very
simple very calm and efficient.

Then we watched Kuznetsova practice with Stosur or someone. Also saw Jiri Novak practice. Interesting.

I also say Jurgen Melzer practice with Potato Starachi. Afterward, I spoke
to Jurgen, got his autograph, and he took a photo with me. He was really cool. Nice guy.

Potato Starachi was a jack ***, who mimicked my german thank you (vielen dank). (I speak German almost as well as I speak English). I asked PS why he had the same tatoo on his left arm as his left leg. Before he answered I said, "So you can tell your left from your right". Melzer chuckled, PS looked, well stupid. I was glad he lost his match.

As they left the court, in walks Richard Gasquet. He had a bunch of people around him and seemed to like the popularity. Good for him.

Then we went to court 3 for the Malise-Massu match. Massue put a beating on the X-man, who did not seem to care.

Keifer versus Melzer, on a side court. Full of Germans. While I am a naturalized US citizen from Germany, I like Melzer better. I was the only
one for him it seemed. The first set was great, a tie break. Then down hill, as JM got distracted with calls, the court, and the rest of the match. Keifer won easily.

06-05-2006, 06:25 AM
I too have just returned from Paris and had a great time at Roland Garros. I arrived on June 1st and the weather was nasty! Arrived half way through the day and got a ticket for Susan Lenglen as soon as I arrived (no line). Walked around for a while, taking in the atmosphere, there were a lot of doubles matches on the outside courts, and players practicing, etc. Went into the stadium and saw Monfils 5-setter against Norman (under a dark spitting sky). What a great match although unfortunately it finished so late that the Nadal match was postponed.
The next day was incredible. Got good seats with my mate for Chatrier and watched Gaudo vs Ferrero, and finished with Federer vs Massu. Unbelievable sunshine all day, got some great photos. The French crowd are a moody bunch, but it's a good slam. Moving about at times was difficult because the grounds were so crowded. Fans were waiting for Nadal to emerge from some central exit and there were so many people that they blocked the way to SL court for a while. I have no complaints with this slam, it's super-cool. Although still possibly my least favourite to attend.

06-05-2006, 06:35 AM
Thanks very much for the derscriptions!!!:D
It is very interesting to read the Roland Garros experience from the eyes of the crowd and the fans...:D

PS.If you have any photos can you please if you want,post some??Please..:D

06-05-2006, 06:54 AM
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06-05-2006, 07:01 AM
the next episode....
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Hmm...that wouldn't be bad!!!!:mrgreen:
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