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07-05-2004, 08:18 PM
I ordered the n6.1 Tour & 95 demos from TW, look for my reviews in a few days. The demos get to me Wednesday. I'm getting a little excited.

07-05-2004, 08:35 PM
thats funny ive been calling tw on the demos for a couple weeks now and they kept telling me that they weren't in. Even when they went online the told me it was just a mistake and they aren't in to reserve. Thats frustrating

07-05-2004, 09:53 PM
sorry 16...I went on TW about 5 hrs ago and ordered them, then I got a confirmation email...hope it isn't a mistake! I was told that they were coming in sometime this week last week.

07-05-2004, 10:34 PM
np, ill just have to hold out a week or two. ill live.
but thanks for the info.

SC in MA
07-06-2004, 06:31 AM
Hey Coda. I think there's a lot of us anxiously looking forward to your comparative review. As an HPS 6.1 user, I thought the nCode95 would be the one for me to focus on, but then there's been such rave reviews about the 90.... It'll be nice to get some side-by-side analysis.

07-07-2004, 11:18 PM
16 you were right, I won't be able to recieve the demos no earlier than the 20th...
anyway, a local club has demos and I will be getting one of each of the n6.1's...so I'll post a review of each and compare them in the next few days

07-08-2004, 08:34 PM
coda, please do. The n6.1 is kind'a whippy aand the n90 is pretty firm, in a good way. Tell us what you find. psclassic6.1 user

07-08-2004, 10:19 PM
well, I finally demoed a n6.1 95. I played for a good hour with it, hitting every type of shot with a pro down at the club. My first impression of the racket was awe. It really is a beautiful racket, and it did feel really maneuverable. I hit a few balls with it against the back fence. I don't understand how people can say this thing doesn't have the greatest feel. From reading these boards, people made it sound like it has a mushy, icky volkl feel. Yet I believe it has that classic prostaff feel with just a little of that edge taken off. Sorry volkl users! It was very comfortable and no bad vibrations at all, I could tell this would be an elbow's dream racket. On to real hitting...

I felt I could swing this around my head 5 times and still be early on my forehands. The balls were sailing every which way because I always caught the ball really early. It was very manueverable, yet this lightness made it hard to time my forehands. For some reason, my one handed back hand was nice and deep and I managed to nail the ball almost every single time. It has amazing spin and with my backhand I could create wicked angles that my pro met with a dropped jaw. I wouldn't say the amount of control was there, but there was some control. The strings were about 55, and this probably had something to do with the rocket launching effect I felt on my forehands even when I met the ball on time, I could never seem to get them into the court tonite. Stability was excellent . Touch was also there as well. Touch was out of this world it seemed like, I could drop shot it well and approach well from the backcourt with it. However, the elegantly put "plow through factor" wasn't all there, something that I really miss from my tour 90. It felt really whippy with every groundy which I hated.
6/10...it would be a 5 if my backhands weren't beautys

The best shots of the night were hit up at the net. Put away volleys, defensive volleys, low volleys, high volleys, drop volleys, reaction volleys, save your privates volleys...every volley in the book was there with this thing. It was maneuverable yet very solid. I never caught a ball early like I did with my forehand. I could somewhat massage the ball up at the net. The rocket launching effect really had a toll on volleys and they were a little uncontrollable sometimes. This is where the feel of the ncodes really shine: when the ball it hit hard at you, you still feel awhole lot, and put the ball where you need to, but you never felt it twist or vibrate. My tour 90...old version seemed to vibrate quite abit on hard hit volleys and this vibration wasn't there at all with the ncode. Comfort is big at the net. Yet like with forehands, the racket felt a little to whippy and it seemed like sometimes when I would move it around I had a flyswatter in my hands.
8/10...flyswatter feeling subtracted from this score

2nd best shot with this racket. The maneuverablity with this racket was excellent during serves and thus, there was never a lack of spin. I can equate the spin and pop I got with a surge or a PD and maybe even more power with this racket. It really is a great serving racket, and I could hit the big bombs or spin it in there with some excellent results SOMETIMES... The rocket launching efffect came back into the picture. When the ball was well struck on serves it felt great and was very solid. Control was there, but not nearly to par with the HPS 6.1 or the tour 90...or the surge! Again, serves felt very whippy.

This racket felt great, and looked great, but in the end it was a disappointment considering I loved the HPS 6.1 and was looking to this to be a great stick. yet I felt the HPS needed more touch at the net...and you definetly have that here. What lacked was this plow through feeling I got with the HPS 6.1 and with my tour 90. Better stability, better feel, far worse results compared to the HPS 6.1. I would still take my tour 90 over this racket, but I have yet to test the n6.1 tour. I felt it did play more like a 100 square inch frame rather than a 95 inch frame. When compared to my tour 90 it was slightly bigger all the way around so it probably is a true 95 square inch frame. If you need an excellent players racket, but can't handle anything heavier look no further. This racket is really something special and many sticks in the same class can't compare to this...the only reason why I scored it so low was that whippiness that I just absolutely hated along with being early on forehands.
Overall score 7/10...it would be much better with a little lead and it felt far too whippy for me

07-08-2004, 10:23 PM
I'm a 4.0 S&Ver, Chip and Charger with a 4.5 serve
I have a semi-western forehand and one handed semi-western backhand. I currently play with a tour 90 but could easily play with a HPS 6.1. Any questions, comments greatly appreciated...I have played with nearly all of the prostaffs and alot of other rackets...would be happy to compare if asked!

07-09-2004, 10:44 AM
coda, looks like you would like this racquet more if some lead tape was added to the head, prolly @ 3 and 9.

07-09-2004, 11:29 AM
yeah, I know I would like this racket with some more weight in the head...I'm gonna try the n6.1 tour today to see if that fixes anything

07-09-2004, 11:35 AM
Looking forward to hear your feedback!

SC in MA
07-12-2004, 05:12 AM
Coda: Thanks for the detailed review. I've now played a couple of matches with the n61 95. (all on clay). I pretty much concur with your assessment with some slight differences.

I didn't have quite the timing problem you seemed to have with the forehand. I did have a few balls sail on me when I really went for it, but I think that was more due to technique and my not being quite used to the racket. For the most part, my forehands felt pretty good as I hit out under control.

Topspin backhands were a noticeable improvement for me over the HPS61. They felt more solid and easier to hit. I probably hit more topspin backhands during rallys than I normally would, mainly because I felt more confident hitting them. Also, when the occasion arose, I was able to hit nice topspin down the line passing shots and also some extreme angled crosscourt passing shots with this stick.

Slice backhands, which are my bread and butter, clay court, baseline rally backhand, were also excellent. I was able to easily direct my slices deep with good bite and accuracy.

Since I was playing on clay, I didn't hit a lot of volleys, but those that I did hit felt good -- nice and solid. This is the same feeling I had hitting volleys during warmups - nice and solid.

This is a very nice stick for spin serves, which is what I mostly hit. As for first (flat) serves, I'm currently working to improve my flat serve technique, so I didn't hit a lot of them during my matches. Most of those I tried had good pace, but were long. I attribute this to a technique problem and not the stick.

Overheads felt solid. I generally hit overheads conservatively, going more for direction rather than extreme power. I had no problem with overheads.

A couple of other observations:

- I thought this racket is good for generating spin.

- The stick was solid on out-of-position stab shots, both on stab volleys and on stab returns of overheads. If I could get the racket on the ball, the ball would usually go back over the net into play, forcing my opponent to at least hit one more shot. On a couple of occasions I was able to win points off the stabs.

- I had very high hopes that this stick would have that elusive "plow thru" feel to it. So, while this is a pretty solid racket, I didn't feel it quite has it. (For me, only the PS60 85 and the Bab PC+ 2001 have true plow thru capability - but I haven't hit with a lot of different sticks). That said, I think the nCode 95 has slightly more of a plow thru feel than the HPS61. (That could just be string differences). While I definitely prefer stock rackets, I'm considering adding some weight at 3 and 9 to see if I can get a more "plow thru" feel without sacrificing the manueverability.

Overall, I think the nCode 95 is a slight improvement over the HPS 61, which had been my main stick. It's a very good stick for anyone who plays an aggressive all court game.

So now I'm really looking forward to Coda's comments on the nCode 90.