View Full Version : Anyone own a TENEX stringing machine?

03-03-2004, 06:33 PM
I was supposed to wait for Tim from Laserfibre to call me when the new stock of ECO comes in, but now approaching 15 days and he said maybe another 10 days before he even gets the shipment. I've been keeping an eye on **** and found a mint condition TENEX machine similar to the GAMA 602 FC. But this machine had 2 single action fixed clamps and made of all metal ( a kind of mix between the ektenlon and gamma). I ended up paying much much less than what I would have paid for the Laserfibre. I'd appreciate some feedback on the experiences with this machine.

03-08-2004, 07:54 PM
Did my first string job on a PS 6.0 85 on the Tenex machine. It went so smooth, especially with the dual slid clamps. The last time I strung my racquet was on a Eagnas Hawk 80. It's was labor intensive compare to this machine. The seller of the machine told me that TENEX was bought up by GAMMA.

If anyone have a similar system with the dual slid clamps. Can you please tell me how to use both slide clamps for the crosses without the the outside-glider supports bumping into each other? Right know I'm using only one of the clamps to do the cross. Could this affect the tension of the string?

Here are pictures of what it looks like.