View Full Version : Question about ALU-Touch Hybrid

07-01-2006, 08:11 AM
Ok, so I bought the ALU-Touch Hybrid from TW over a year ago, I think, and is half Supersense 16 and halft ALU-Power 16L. I would think that you would put ALU-Power in the mains since it is so durable (for MOST people anyway) but the ALU-Touch gets a 10 on the Luxilon durability scale on the back. ALU-Power gets an 8 or a 9. So is Supersense more durable?? Anyone have any experience with Supersense or this hybrid? Which should I put in the mains?

Also, this strings have been in my tennis bag in my trunk for over a year and lying around just in my trunk for a week or so. Are Lux's as "impervious to weather conditions" as they say?

07-09-2006, 07:01 AM
Emcee . . .

Those Durability and Power rating have been discussed on here before with a lot of "huh's. It's marketing. Kinda like Supersense being "as close to gut as you can get". It's softer, but barely noticible, compared to ALU and the other BB's.

I'd only recommend this hybrid, if you're the kind that's going to change you string after 10-12 hours. There's a reason pros change their polys after every 7-9 games.

These strings are extruded at high temperatures, higher than your trunk. Old Lux works fine.

. . . Bud