View Full Version : TW 2-Piece Stringing on New Racquet

07-12-2004, 09:46 AM

Received my Babolat PD+ from you over the weekend. It was the 2nd one I ordered from you in six weeks and I love the Next Day Air delivery.

One question though, I had it strung with Babolat Syntronic Brio and you strung it perfectly, as usual. However, you strung both of them 2-piece. I was just curious as to why 2-piece instead of one piece. Stringer's preference?

Doesn't make any difference to me. I always string my racquets one piece.

Again, fine job, and it is not a problem. I was just curious as to why.


TW Staff
07-13-2004, 08:58 AM
As the main strings end at the throat, we have elected to string these as a two-piece. Babolat states that the racquet can be strung one-piece, however, there are provisions in the grommet system to accept a two-piece string job.

Chris, TW.