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07-12-2004, 03:52 PM
I have arthritic knees and have reached the point where I need to get some type of support/brace. Tried Ace knee straps this weekend and they helped with mobility but I need more. I need to be able to run throughout the match, bend my knees throughout the match, and get as much protection as I can throughout the match. In looking at whats out there I have kind of honed in on the Bauerfeind Genutrain knee support (bigger than what I want but it appears to be the most supportive/best of the breed: about $60/knee brace online), True Fit Open Patella knee brace (not as large, can be purchased off the shelf at Eckerds, best bang for the buck at about $30/knee brace @retail), or the Cho-Pat Counter Force Knee strap (smallest/least intrusive of the bunch at about $25/knee brace online). I would like to go with the Cho-Pat because it is the smallest/least intrusive but I think that the Genutrain will give the most support and that is what I need. The Genutrain appears to be the winner. Any feedback, insights, suggestions will be appreciated. Thanks, David.

07-12-2004, 05:46 PM
There are a number of knee braces made out of lycra with metal stays that are light weight and provide good support. From your description though it sounds like they may be too light. If not, TW has some Nike ones. I can send a link to the ones I use if you are interested.

07-12-2004, 06:33 PM
Unfortunately you are correct, they appear to be too light. I wish they they had some heavier duty stuff because I would prefer to buy from TW. From what I looked at it mostly consisted of Nike sleeves, and I need more support than that.

Jim Hendricks
07-13-2004, 07:29 AM
I use a Cho-Pat and think it the best one I've used. It doesn't look like much, but it does support the knee well. I can play 2-3 days in a row with no problems, which I haven't been able to before with other braces.

07-13-2004, 07:39 AM
You might try this site. They service the medical community and have a lot of braces. I've bought from them and been very pleased.


07-13-2004, 06:03 PM
I have a knee where I had a microfracture on it this last fall and your typical shaving of cartilage, etc. and my knee is arthritic. I have the Genutrain brace. I ditched it for a a brace that has neoprene in it. I find that the warmness I get from the neoprene makes my knee feel better. I didn't get this from the Genutrain. I got this one from my dr. and it's a BodyGlove with a horseshoe pad and a couple of velcro straps on top and bottom. I also wasn't able to move that great with the Bauerfiend. Just my 2 cents!!

07-13-2004, 08:52 PM
Jim: which Cho-Pat product are you using, the knee band strap or one of the braces?

Netman: will take a look at Fasthealth, thanks.

Navril: mobility is a big deal, hate to hear that about the Genutrain. Was the BodyGlove/horshoe product an off the shelf product or did you have to get it through the dr.s office? thanks

Jim Hendricks
07-14-2004, 05:13 AM
I'm using the strap. Basically the single one but I also use the double strap one at times. Hope this helps.

07-14-2004, 07:19 AM
You probably need a functional (hinged) brace
like the Townsend. DonJoy is widely distributed
but it is not the best. Suggest you talk to
a physical therapist or your doctor about
an appropriate brace.

There is a lot of good info on Bob's ACL board.
A guy named Mike Frind provides a lot
of info on brace quality and function.

Also, it is important to know if you need
an "unloader" brace if your OA is confined
to one compartment--medial or lateral.
These braces are EXPENSIVE and can
be custom fit, even more expensive.
Insurance, however, will usually cover
part of the cost.

The light stuff you have investigated probably
will be of little use.

07-14-2004, 11:03 AM
Navared: I have found a Body Glove Buttress series of braces at several retailers which feature neoprene, with straps above and below the knee cap, and either circular or horseshoe kneecap support/buildout. They run about $60/brace and look pretty stout. They look like what you were describing. Is their any restriction of mobility with them and do you have the small opening at the back of the knees in yours (supposed to make them more mobil)?

Jim: I like the looks of the Cho-Pat strap, I got the Ace strap wgich I think is similar. How much more support do you get from the Cho-Pat Dual Action knee product (upper/lower bands) the with just a single strap?

Tiebreak: I dont know if I am that far down the line yet. Going to try one/several low end braces for the time being to see what benefits I gain from them. Thanks for the input. The Don-Joy seems to be the big name brand at that level of brace, the prices really seem to escalate at that level. thanks, David

07-14-2004, 05:25 PM
Glad to hear you're not ready for the
big uglies. Strong quads (VMO) will
be most important to you.

The stuff you're looking at will help
with proprioception and warmth.
Couldn't hurt to give them a try.
Nevertheless, these type of braces
do not provide any real support.

Membership in the Arthritic Knee
Tennis Player Club is short-lived.
Hope you never reach that point.

At any rate, The Knee Shop is a good
source. Great service, prices, informed
staff, huge inventory.

Good luck to you.

Jim Hendricks
07-15-2004, 04:27 AM
You do get more support from the dual-action one, but I use the single strap unless my knee is really bothering me. The Ace is similar, but I do prefer he Cho-pat.

07-16-2004, 10:57 AM
Just boust a Bauerfeind Zueba knee brace (elastic/doughnut knee style) from The Knee Shop (good folks). I looked at the Heley Weber adjustable buttress (mentioned earlier in the thread), Mueller Cross strap, Bioskin Q brace, Bauerfiend Genutrain, the Palumbo Premium brace, and the Cho-pat knee braces. The Zueba looked like the most bang for the buck ($39/brace), its about 2 inches shorter than the Genutrain and seems to offer identical support. I will find out soon enough. Thanks Tiebreaker and everyone for the input. David

08-08-2004, 03:10 PM
Just a follow up, I have had 2 long sessions on the court with the Zeuba braces and they have been a big help. The knees are more stable, I can move around better, and have an easier time bending my knees when hitting the ball. Also the knees feel much better and fresher after playing. They are just what I was looking for. David