View Full Version : Prince TopSpin textured? Solid core multi wrap? both?

07-08-2006, 01:05 PM
I've been readingBollettieri's Tennis Handbook. He includes a section on racquets, strings, and grips. He breaks string down into 9 catagories according to composition.
1) Solid core (polyester strings)
2) Solid Core/Single wrap
3) Solid core/ Multi wrap
4) Multifilament
5) Multi core/Single wrap
6) Multi core/Multi wrap
7) Composits
8) Aramid fiber/hybrids
9) natural gut

With each he listed a few examples. For SC/MW he listed Babolat Fiberfeel, Gamma TNT Rx, and Leoina 66.

Would Prince TopSpin fall into the SC/MW catagory?