View Full Version : Wow! Luxilon BB ALu Power Rough on C10 Pro

03-04-2004, 09:21 AM
My yellow bumble bee rocked last night. I used to use guts for my C10 Pro because of a tennis elbow. But, as you know, they are not durable. Hybrid stringings were also tried, but, unfortunately few combo impressed me. I decided to give a try Alu Power Rough at 50 lbs. I may be an average string breaker. BB provided less power but I could hit the ball as hard as possible. Sharp spins. Surprisingly more control was there than NG. Stiffer BB seemed to provide more stable string bed, by which I could try better angle shots and serves. Somebody here mentioned the stiffer string on the flexible racquet worked better than the soft string. I can agree with him. I love this string. BB Alu Power Rough worked better than NG on my yellow bee. What about elbow? No problem at all.

Happy hitting....