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07-11-2006, 10:01 AM
Ok People,

When do strings go dead? I am using prince synth gut and they have been in my car in texas quite frequently lately? (is that bad? ) 100 degrees out? Also last night during my match the harder I hit the more I hit the middle of the net? Could that be the strings? It was different last night the harder i hit the lest the strings did what i wanted them to? there about 7 months old and been in the texas heat a lot?

Also anyone have those days competing where you can't have fun winning when other thoughts jump into your mind like family trama or work stuff?

thanks for the help or the input :) Have a great time out there!!!!

andyroddick's mojo
07-11-2006, 10:08 AM
all strings go dead sooner or later, due to tension loss. if you use a poly, they'll lose tension a lot faster then say..multi's. 7 months is long enough for prince synthetic gut to lose a lot of tension, and under the conditions you've said, i wouldn't be surprised if it did. the prince synthetic gut is quite inexpensive, so you can always restring it again. the rule of thumb to how often you should restring your racket in a year is equal to the number of times you play each week. for example if i play 3 times a week, i would restring my racket AT LEAST every 4 months.

07-11-2006, 10:23 AM
String did not do what I wanted when hitting them hard, it seemed to not shoot the ball but pocket the ball and drive it down into the net. I might try new strings I should of changed rackets in the match. i normally like playing with better strings but this was just what i put in these as a stop gap due to budget lol

I will try new strings, i have 4 racquets 2 yonex ti 1700 and 2 rdx 500, they all were strung the same time. The ti 1700 have lead tape differences and the rdx are standard. What do you recommend as a good plan on stringing all these? I am playing more still with t he tweener 1700, (more power trying to stay deep with my shots, not a power player here but pace helps win points)

its 10 to string at a stringer place? I heard good things about alu rough big banger? at 59,57 how does that sound in all the racquets? x phase technifibre

thanks everyone Mark

07-11-2006, 10:48 AM
It's not likely that strings could account for consistently hitting the middle of the net. However, given your story, I'm guessing your strings have suffered serious tension loss -- and this is a reasonable thing to correct. Thinking in RDC terms, your stringbed probably started at a stiffness of 74 and is currently in the mid 40s. This changes the feel and trajectory, which change could, if nothing else, affect how you strike the ball. When strings "go dead" and "lose power" one common response is to increase the head speed -- which, for some stroke-styles, increases the error rate. Also, when strings "go dead" the dwell time sometimes increases and the ball's exit-from-the-stringbed occurs later in the swing path, which, again, can greatly affect trajectory. Obviously, most of these things can be corrected by altering your mechanics. Indeed, much of tennis is making on-the-spot mechanical adjustments to the variables of surface, opponent, ball type and weather (to name a few).

07-11-2006, 11:59 AM
I think it was a little of both strings and trying to be Nadal and muscle the ball too much. I never miss as bad as I did though usually i hit the tape or shoot long. Which is the odd thing! anyway Ill try new strings and a new day!
learn what i can from the bad night. Appreciate all the info as always :) darn my 3.5 game. lol I want a 5.0 game