View Full Version : full multi vs hybrid multi

andyroddick's mojo
07-16-2006, 08:19 PM
what differences would i feel if I used a full multi string job and a poly/multi hybrid?

I'm looking for lots of power and spin, i know multi's give power, but not spin, but I know polys give spin, so i was wondering would a poly/multi hybrid be better for me? to get like 60% power 40% spin.

i'm thinking between isospeed professional as a full multi job, or klip detonator, a poly/multi hybrid.

07-17-2006, 11:50 AM
I don't have experiene with iso or klip, but I have gone from a full multi (tecnifibre NRG2) to Ashaway Monogut in mains, PSGD in x's in the last 6 months. You will start by getting a lot more durability than a full multi, also more spin but you will lose some touch and control. As most polys suggest to string at 10-20% less than usual (I generally go 10% less), you will still get a fair amount of power with a poly and a multi set-up.