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08-12-2006, 04:14 AM
How is this racket?

I have a semi-west FH
CAn generate/control pace at will

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cmonnn pplll

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I have already checked that out lol

I want reviews from all of yalls point of view

08-12-2006, 10:16 AM
I'm a POG LB player. I hit with the midplus and didn't like it. No feel or comfort. My control suffered. It seemed too light and stiff. However, I'm really curious about the 28inch OS. I would love to hear how it hits. Especially from someone who uses the somewhat similar POG LB.

08-12-2006, 03:31 PM
so is it good?

08-12-2006, 05:18 PM
Actually, it's a nice racquet. KILLER for topspin, good serving, good control, a little light for me but a really solid player's tweener stick.

08-12-2006, 08:10 PM
Is it mainly power?

08-13-2006, 09:30 AM
How does the XP OS volley? Do you choke up?

08-13-2006, 01:17 PM
This is the racket ive been using for over a year. I have a 1hbh and a pretty solid forehand, its a little stiff but offers great control. The 27.5 length really doesnt make a difference, nor does it feel strange. It actually gives me a very nice pop on serves. Its actuallly suprisingly powerful, not overdone but i can rip some very clean shots. Ide deffinitely recommend it for a demo at least.

08-13-2006, 03:10 PM
I used it for a little while, it is an okay racquet - it doesn't do anything special, power was okay, spin and control were reasonable. It felt a little stiff but not overly so.

I stopped using it when I tried a friend's lm radical and found that there were a lot better racquets out there with better feel, spin and power with similar specs.

08-24-2006, 12:58 PM
Diablo XP

For those of you who have been (like me) wondering about this racquet, here is a little review of my experiences with it over the past 3 hitting sessions:

General/Personal Issues
I can only compare this to the racquets I’ve played with, and my comments will no doubt be influenced by the type of game I have. I’m a 31 year old 4.5 baseliner with a 2-handed backhand. My forehand grip is between eastern and semi-western. I hit pretty hard off of both sides, but I don’t have a killer serve or great volleys. I’m a singles player by nature, but I’m becoming a better doubles player, and I’m looking for a racquet that will improve my doubles game. Basically, I need something that will slice and volley better than my POG LB, but I’m not willing to give up all the other positive attributes of the POG LB, some of which stem from its 28 inch length. Every review needs a reference point. Sorry if this review kind of turned into a POG LB vs Diablo XP OS comparison.

Action, Fit, and Finish
Parts of the racquet are day-glow reddish orange. There’s no way around it. It’s no classy black POG, but I can get over it if it hits well. The grip isn’t leather, but it’s nice and long for my 2-hander. It feels very maneuverable.

The demo is strung very loose, but I didn’t have much trouble with control. It’s lighter, stiffer, and more head heavy than my POG LB, but it’s still very stable, comfortable, and maneuverable. It plays like a cross between the POG LB and a TT Bandit. The first thing I notice is that my rally balls have more pace and spin on them, and they are landing deeper. You can murder the ball with this racquet and generate crazy spin. I can also get more on the ball when I’m not properly set up. Whereas the N 6.1, Prestige, or POG LB punish you for not setting up, this racquet allows you to generate a better shot when on the run, out of position, stretched out, etc. That kind of reminds me of the Bandit and other head heavy tweeners. Getting a more effective shot with a short stroke also improved my slices, drop shots, and lobs. However, I found myself using more topspin to tame the power when really ripping a ball. That might have been because of the low tension of the demo. Kick serves to the backhand could be reached with ease because of the 28in length, and the larger head helped me find the sweet spot when hitting on the rise. It’s great for hitting dippers off both sides when your opponent is at the net. However, the power could be a liability, causing overhitting on short balls that have fallen below the net. The feel was good, and directional control was decent, but not as good as with a POG or a POG LB. In conclusion, the XP OS is less demanding from the baseline than the POG LB. You lose some feel and control, but you get more power, maneuverability, and the ability to hit better shots when you’re not in position. The XP is capable of more variety and more forgiving if you’re having a bad day. If you’re “On” and can stay in control of the rallies, the POG LB is still the sweetest playing racquet out there for singles, but I’d give the XP an edge for doubles.

Volleys / Overheads

This is where the XP’s stiffness, 107 headsize, maneuverability, and balance give it an edge over the POG LB. Volleys were crisp and the frame was stable against big hitters. It lacked that killer punch through the court you get with an N6.1, but it was more maneuverable, and the length has a help on overheads and high volleys. I did find myself choking up a little to minimize the right-hip blind spot against a guy I play doubles against who crushes every return down the line right at the netman.


My serves were kicking like crazy, but I did feel some loss of control. Flat serves were out of the question, but that might have been a string tension issue. It kind of serves like other 28in racquets. You get more reach, but less control, and you get the sense that the ball is further from your hand. It’s easer to hit down the middle on the deuce side and out wide on the add side than it is to slice out wide on the deuce side. Interestingly, I find long racquets are better for hitting inside-out forehands than crosscourt forehands, which is kind of the same thing. Maybe the length causes you to hit late. Choking up helped a little with the wide slice. Whereas a POG OS or N6.1 thumps the ball with mass, you get the feeling the power comes from the strings, which is a less controllable kind of power. Still, not a bad serving racquet, and for me the serve is the hardest stroke to adjust with a new frame.

This racquet is an exact cross between a POG LB and a TT Bandit. VS the POG LB, you give up some control and feel, but you get some tweener characteristics like a larger sweetspot and better maneuverability. The XP is amazing from the baseline, and not as much of a liability at the net as other 28in racquets I’ve played with. A great racquet for a baseliner with a 2-handed backhand. I’m going to order one up.


Jack the Hack
09-28-2006, 01:09 PM

Did you end up getting a Diablo XP OS? If so, what is your impression now with some good strings in it?

I was interested in your comparison of the Diablo to the Bandit. I've been using the Bandit for 2 years now, and it works well on groundstrokes, but I'm not sold on the precision on serves or at net. I was wondering if you (or anyone reading this) could elaborate on how the Diablo compares in those two areas.

Also, I was wondering how the Diablo XP OS compares to the TT Warrior OS?

(The Diablo XP OS is 1/2" longer, has a lower weight, and is less head light compared to the Warrior OS, but they have the same power level... so I wondered what the feel was like on various strokes in comparison.)

10-02-2006, 11:20 AM
I did get the XP OS, but I went back to the POG LB until my ALTA league tennis season is over. I overshot on the string tension a tad (now it's 1-2lbs too tight!), but I still like it. Serving with this racquet will be an adjustment unless you choke up. I think the Bandit is an excellent doubles racquet, and there aren't many things the XP OS does better than the Bandit. It hits a heavier ball, gets a little more control, and is better for ripping the 2HBH. I'd give the Bandit the edge on the serve and at the net. The Bandit has one major weakness--it eats strings. It's been a while since I hit with a Warrior OS, but I would say stick with the Bandit or Warrior if you're concerned about serves and playing the net. The XP is really for people who hit a lot of 2HBH backhand winners and need the length.

Just to get a benchmark for serves and volleys, hit with an N-Six-One 95 sometime. If your tendons can handle the stiffness, it's the holy grail for precision serves and crisp volleys.

10-02-2006, 03:21 PM
I demo'd this racquet, and barely hit with it the week I had the racquet. It had no feel and felt too dinky, especially compared to the Prince NXG I ended up liking and eventually buying.

Granted it was a demo and there have been some damage to it because I heard this rattling every time I hit. But it wasnt much/any better than the 8.5oz Head I play with for now.

I may have just gotten bad luck and gotten a not-so-good Diablo, I was pretty sure I was gonna like that racquet based on the specs but the racquet I played with BLEW.

11-09-2006, 02:01 AM
Hey Z-man,

Did you buy a diablo xp with a 3/8 grip? If so, I have a trade proposal for you. I have a near new Prince graphite longbody midplus 3/8 grip. I'll trade you that for your prince diablo xp os 3/8 plus $40 if you're interested. I keep going back to the Diablo XP OS.... I just tried the o3 tour os, and this was my 3rd time trying the pog lb.. I'm sticking to the diablo xp os... Anyway, email me at thaicafe@aol.com if you're interested.


11-09-2006, 03:20 AM
While I haven't hit with the XP OS, I have tried the XP MP and really do think that, in all departments, the TT Warrior MP is a significantly better choice. More feel, greater comfort, more bite on your shots, better at net and on serve. They spec out almost exactly the same (when you take the extra .5 of the XP into account) but I felt that, with the Warrior, the weight and balance seemed to complement each other far better than they did for the XP MP.

12-09-2006, 10:04 AM
An update:

I've been having trouble with my shoulder, so I've been taking my lighter racquets out to play lately. Last night I pulled out one of my two Diablo XP MP sticks that were shortened to 27 inches. I proceeded to have one of the best serving nights of my life, and my serve is my major weapon. I literally lost count of how many aces I had, both by spin and flat-out pace. My reflex volleys were great and while I still can't get my groundies worked out since I'm giving up an ounce of weight compared to my usual sticks, my topspin improved dramatically when I did strike the ball right.

With the extra 1/2 inch lopped off, this stick is a really nice player's tweener.