View Full Version : Prince fro 11 yo slim lady

08-16-2006, 09:24 AM
Hi, I'm looking for friendly beginner racket for on 11 yo girls, who is tall and slim, just want something modern and friendly on arm/shoulder. She is beginner and Like Prince (too much Sharapova on TV). I think she is OK for 27' adulat racket.
So far all I checked are HHeavy, though I personally prefer classic HLight.
What do you think max weight she can handle now.



08-16-2006, 09:39 AM
Prince O3 Red (10.5 oz, 3 pts. head light) and O3 Blue (10.1 oz, 2 pts. head light) are two that she should look at. My wife (5'1", not terribly strong) uses the O3 Red and really likes it a lot.

Blue has a larger head that might be better for a beginner.

Frankly, if she's just starting and you don't know how serious she is about it, spending $200 on those racquets seems a bit over the top...have you looked in the local Sporting goods stores for Prince racquets (probably plenty w/Maria's picture on them) that would be in the <$100 range...any of those would likely be fine for a beginner...if she progressed and wanted to stick with it you could look into an upgrade in the future.

Another reasonable option might be the Prince Shark MP or OS ($99 on TW).