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08-20-2006, 07:49 PM
OK, so the title of the post is a bit contradictory. I know it's kind of difficult to demo one of your own racquets.

But, since I had rescued the T2000 from storage, I thought I might take it out to the courts today and hit with it for a while. It has been so many years since I actually used it that the situation was in its own way like demo'ing a new racquet.

Unfortunately, no one was at the courts to hit against when I arrived (and not even backboards were available at these courts), so I was forced into hitting only serves.

Serving with the T2000 after so many years was both a strange and gratifying experiment. The racquet looked like a ping-pong paddle with strings when I actually held it to hit some serves. Fortunately, it took only one or two serves to get the feel for it. No mishits and most of the serves in. Some of them I smacked pretty well. Just like old times, in a way.

I only hit a couple of dozen serves with the T2000 before switching to a more modern racquet. I did find the comparison interesting, though.

I'll continue to carry the racquet in my bag for a few days. Next time I'm hitting with someone, I'm going to try some groundstrokes and volleys -- maybe even a few games. ;)

While I'm at it, I might even drag out a couple of old wood racquets. Probably be fun.

08-20-2006, 07:59 PM
for those who don't know, Jimmy Connors won many tournaments with this Wilson T-2000 racket.

08-20-2006, 08:10 PM
I, too, have some happy times when I bring out my old woodies to play with.

If some racket makers remake some of their old models, especially the good-ol' BlackMax, 200G, BlackAce, Graphite Edge, the Ultra, etc ... for some modern classics, they'll be making some good money.

This is what is known as ... nostalgia marketing ...

08-20-2006, 08:13 PM
My dad has one of these, and a donnay borg pro as well. The head shape is so weird....it's a complete circle! I've played a few games with both, and serving was pretty good with the donnay. The T2000 weighs what feels like a pound though, so it took a lot more getting used to.

08-20-2006, 08:14 PM
As a frame of reference time-wise, I was given the T2000 racquet as a gift by my parents in the mid-70s and last played with it in roughly 1984.

08-20-2006, 08:19 PM
The T2000 weighs what feels like a pound though, so it took a lot more getting used to.

I just checked it and it weighs in at 13.3 ounces (378 grams). You weren't too far off.

No wonder I hit only a couple of dozen serves with it. My arm must have been done. ;)

08-20-2006, 09:06 PM
I have a pair and my son and I recently hit with them for fun. He was struggling with the weight a bit, but really enjoyed it, and did OK for the short time that we used them.

For me it was a trip down memory lane - I used one back in the 70's and was surprised how familiar it felt after just a few strokes. Same tiny head, same "whoah" launch of the ball (although compared to modern powerful racquets, a small "whoah").

We are having regular "old days" hits (my sons and I) where we bring some old woodies or things like the T2000s to the courts for 15 to 30 minutes of fun. Makes them really appreciate their racquets when they switch..."Dad - how did you play a whole match with these!?!" :)

So far they like the T2000 better than the old woodies, but I think that's in part because it looks so bizarre...

08-21-2006, 01:04 AM
for those who don't know, Jimmy Connors won many tournaments with this Wilson T-2000 racket.

08-21-2006, 05:34 AM
Trying to dig out my dad's old arthur ashe competition to see how that plays like but i can't find it. The search continues.


08-21-2006, 06:23 AM

I really need to find a couple of those shirts somewhere so I won't feel out of place holding a T2000 out on the court. Maybe there are a couple in the box where I found the racquet.

I'll never get away with the haircut, though. (Or will I?)

But, I'll definitely need some Stan Smith Adidas shoes and some really tight, stiff, white shorts to reflect the complete player.