View Full Version : Dunlop m-fil 200 plus 2006 and Yonex Ti-80

08-25-2006, 10:33 AM
Hi gang,

I have three frames for sale - all are 4 5/8" grips:

Dunlop m-fil 200 plus 2006. 9.5/10 condition with no scuffs, scratches, chips. Strung at 62# with Stamina. *** SOLD - THANK YOU ***

Yonex Ti-80 2005. Conservative 8.5/10 condition just due to a few minor bumper scuffs and one thin paint scuff on the frame tip. Strung with gut/poly. $85 shipped.

Yonex Ti-80 2005. 10/10 with no signs of wear (plastic is on grip). $95 shipped.

Pics of all are available and paypal is just fine too. Please feel free to e-mail me at vsdtrek @ yahoo.com (just remove the spaces around the @ when e-mailing)

Thank you!